Duff, Fetzer on Press TV – US fighting imaginary enemies in wars: Political analyst | Veterans Today

The issue that Jim Fetzer had made, there is no such thing as al-Qaeda. There has never been. Osama bin Laden died in 2001. His CIA handler, Lee Wanta, works for Veterans Today. He’s been entirely debriefed.

I have seen in its entirety Osama bin Laden’s CIA file. I have read the entire thing. I have it in my computer – send the cover sheet at anytime, nothing beyond it. I’m a defense contractor. That’s my job.

As far as the game in Yemen, this is what it is. We’re doing these drone strikes here. We’re pretending that al-Qaeda is there. In reality, we’re interfering in internal politics and we are assassinating political enemies of our friends in Yemen to maintain power.

But that’s part of a larger policy where we are migrating an imaginary terror organization over to Africa where we’re soon going to be starting drone attacks. We’ve been hoping for permission to do these in northern Nigeria against Boko Haram, Niger, Mali, Chad, and the C.A.R (Central African Republic).

That’s where we’re moving imaginary al-Qaeda because we want to fight that war in Africa because we’ve been fighting it in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and we’ve been having our tail kicked.

It’s better to fight an imaginary war than a real one, and we do so, love fighting these wars with a joy stick and a drone……………EXCERPT

via Duff, Fetzer on Press TV – US fighting imaginary enemies in wars: Political analyst | Veterans Today.

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