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Gunny G: Chesty Puller On Loyalty Down…

…At the trial, Puller was asked questions pertaining to his own military service, the mission of the Marine Corps, the most important element of Marine training, etc. In part, Puller replied that:, “…The definition of military training is success in battle. In my opinion, it is the only objective of military training…”

List of Korean Conflict Bronze Star recipients

List of Korean Conflict Bronze Star recipients (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He quoted Napoleon. “He stated that the most important thing in military training is discipline. Without discipline an army becomes a mob.”

Puller was asked what he had learned here (PISC) as a recruit. He replied, “Well, the main thing–that I have rememberd all my life–is the definition of espirit de corps. Now my definition–that I was taught, that I’ve always believed in–is that espirit de corps means love for one’s military legion. In my case the United States Marine Corps. I also learned that this loyalty to one’s Corps travels both ways, up and down………


via Chesty Puller On Loyalty Down.

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    “When we assumed the soldier we did not lay aside the citizen,” from then-Gen. George Washington’s June 26, 1775, letter to the Provincial Congress is inscribed inside the apse.
    Note: The above quote was a favorite of Col David (Perfumed Princes) Hackworth USA (Ret.) (now deceased)

    “There ain’t no ticks like poly-ticks. Bloodsuckers all.”
    -Davy Crockett (unsourced)


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