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Documents Uncovered by Judicial Watch Raise Concerns About Use of Drug for Military Personnel (“Anti-Malarial Drug Mefloquine Associated With 87 Deaths and Hundreds of Psychotic Episodes in Past 15 Years Was Staff Sergeant Robert Bales Administered the Drug?”)

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Anti-Malarial Drug Mefloquine Associated With 87 Deaths and Hundreds of Psychotic Episodes in Past 15 Years

Was Staff Sergeant Robert Bales Administered the Drug?

(Washington, DC) — Judicial Watch, the public interest group that that investigates and fights government corruption, announced today that it has uncovered documents from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) detailing more than 2,000 episodes during the past 15 years in which people had serious adverse reactions caused by the anti-malaria drug, mefloquine hydrochloride, commonly known as Lariam®. Of 87 reported deaths associated with the drug, 39 were recorded as suicides and 12 were homicides.

The documents obtained by Judicial Watch pursuant to a March 26, 2012, request submitted to the FDA, include details from the agency’s Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) identifying persons treated with mefloquine from November 4, 1997, through March 28, 2012, and the specific reported reactions to the drug. In addition to the reported deaths, reported reactions included hallucinations, panic attacks, depression, paranoia, anxiety, confusion, mental disorder, delusion, hemorrhaging, and numerous other serious disorders.

Long known for its severe neurological side effects, mefloquine was supposedly removed as the drug of choice in the treatment of malaria by the Department of Defense (DOD). In a September 2009 policy memorandum, the Defense Department stated that mefloquine was to be prescribed only in limited cases where other drugs, such as doxycycline and mallarone, were considered unlikely to be effective. Mefloquine was specifically prohibited in the treatment of patients with head injuries, and in particular, a TBI (traumatic brain injury). It is also contraindicated for patients with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Nonetheless, the documents obtained by Judicial Watch indicate clearly that mefloquine is still prescribed, even though its use has decreased since the September 2009 memorandum limiting its use was issued. In the field, medics apparently do not necessarily need to follow such policy recommendations by the U.S. Army and U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM).

Given the serious side effects of the drug and the psychotic and aggressive change that can occur in the personality of patients being treated with mefloquine, questions have been raised as to whether or not Staff Sergeant Robert Bales was given the drug prior to his allegedly attacking and murdering 17 Afghan civilians during the night of March 11, 2012.

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Bill Ayers to University Students: America‘s ’Game Is Over‘ and ’Another World’ Is Coming

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Bill Ayers spoke at the University of Oregon last week on the subject of teaching and organizing for “social justice.” His speech was not free of the radical sentiments he is well-known for espousing (especially in the company of America’s youth). Case in point: he spoke of the end of America, a new world, and what our role ought to be in all of it.


Cropped photograph of Professor Bill Ayers

Cropped photograph of Professor Bill Ayers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Almost as interesting as Ayers’ speech itself, perhaps, was how the leftist radical was introduced by the university students. One girl, who described herself as a doctoral student at the university, spoke of the privilege they would have with their honored guest, in an “evening [of] radical imagination.”

Two others, an associate professor at the university and a graduate student, remarked: “Most of us have in one way or another acknowledged the sovereign authority of the U.S. government– or the state of Oregon– in order to be here tonight, either admission to the university, applying for a job, or just paying the parking meter. We have not, however, asked permission of the [Native Americans] whose ancestral home this is, and to fail to acknowledge that this remains disputed territory would in effect be taking sides, [and] reinforce the erasure of indigenous history and indigenous peoples.”

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Altus man stirs controversy: Hangs Old Glory at half-staff, upside down

Posted: March 3, 2009 05:56 PM

Altus_An Altus man has caused some controversy by flying his United States flag at half-staff and upside down. Flying Old Glory upside down is a distress signal in the United States. John Kolvitz says he’s doing it because he doesn’t like the direction the nation is headed. He says he began flying the flag at half-staff when President Barack Obama was elected, and turned it upside down on Inauguration Day. Kolvitz’s actions have caused a stir in his neighborhood, and one neighbor in particular does not approve.

A friend of Patrick Madl called 7News to inform the station that Madl would be sending a letter to the Mayor of Altus. He says it’s a disgrace to every veteran who has ever served their country. However, Kolvitz says America is in distress, and he’s…

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Chuck Baldwin — Strictly Personal

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It is my studied opinion that as long as pastors and churches allow themselves to be held captive by the IRS and its godless 501c3 corporation status, a spiritual revival will never take place in this country! Many people understand this and, therefore, they are moving to the Flathead Valley from all over America to be part of Liberty Fellowship. They are tired of their pastors and churches being muzzled and intimidated into compromise and lethargy. And they are equally weary of being considered an outcast or renegade by these preachers and churches who don’t have a clue as to what is going on in this country–or if they do, are too spineless to do anything about it! They are looking for a patriot Christian brotherhood, and they are finding it at Liberty Fellowship! It is obvious that God is bringing a Remnant to the Flathead Valley of Montana!

While in Florida, I hosted a radio talk show called, Chuck Baldwin Live. This show ran locally for six years and then was syndicated nationally on the Genesis Communications Network for two years. In fact, this column is the outgrowth of Chuck Baldwin Live. Here is the web address.

My personal philosophy regarding socio/political issues is quite simple: I believe abortion is America’s national holocaust. It is the deliberate killing of innocent pre-born babies. I believe marriage is, by definition, only between a man and a woman. I believe the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights to be the greatest documents of freedom ever produced by man. I believe the federal government is bound to submit to the limited duties prescribed to it by the US Constitution. I believe America’s Founding Fathers to be the greatest generation of Christian philosophers and patriots to ever live. I believe in the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

I believe there is a conspiracy by powerful elitists to surrender America’s independence and national sovereignty to a globalist New World Order. I believe the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, and Bilderbergers are especially culpable in this regard.

I further believe that the current effort to merge the United States into a North American Community (by whatever name it is called) and the push to provide amnesty (not to mention billions in federal tax dollars) to millions of illegal aliens comprise a grave threat to America. I am also convinced that there is a bold and blatant attempt underfoot to turn the United States into a police-state-style surveillance society, to which personal freedoms and liberties are being quickly and egregiously sacrificed. Passage of the USA Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) are examples of this flagrant betrayal of liberty.

I opposed the preemptive invasion of Iraq and the bombings of Libya. It should be obvious to everyone that the Obama administration has done nothing–and will do nothing–to change the perpetual war/preemptive war doctrine introduced by George W. Bush. And neither would Mitt Romney should he be elected President. Ron Paul is the only Presidential candidate of either major party who opposes foreign meddling and interventionism.

As to Afghanistan, I strongly supported Ron Paul’s Marque and Reprisal Act of 2001, which was (and still is) the constitutional way to resist the efforts of violent terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda.

I opposed the bailouts for Wall Street. I regard the Federal Reserve as a corrupt cabal of international banksters, whose actions are nothing short of criminal. I wholeheartedly support the abolition of the Federal Reserve and a return to sound money.

I believe the United Nations is a sinister organization from which the United States should withdraw. I believe the federal government taxes too much, spends too much, lies too much, and snoops too much into the personal lives of the American people.

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Can Ron Paul delegates cause mischief at the RNC national convention?

May 2, 2012 3 comments

Last week, I wrote about the Ron Paul movement’s success in Minnesota, organizing effectively to take delegates in the Congressional-district conventions that elect delegate to the big show in Tampa.

Minnesota isn’t the only caucus state where this has taken place, the Washington Times reports, and the Paul campaign may end up with a more significant presence on the campaign floor than the official caucus/primary counts suggest. Will they be able to create “mischief” on the floor and disrupt Mitt Romney’s smooth ascent to the top of the ticket?

Mitt Romney may be the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, but Rep. Ron Paul of Texas is quietly racking up some organizational victories that could complicate Mr. Romney’s anticipated coronation at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., this summer.

Exploiting party rules, loyalists for the libertarian congressman from Texas in recent days have engineered post-primary organizing coups in states such as Louisiana and Alaska, confirming what party regulars say would be an effort to grab an outsized role in the convention and the party’s platform deliberations.

In Massachusetts, the state where Mr. Romney served as governor, Paul loyalists over the weekend helped block more than half of Mr. Romney’s preferred nominees from being named delegates at state party caucuses — even though Mr. Romney won his home state’s primary with 72 percent of the vote. Many state GOP establishment figures, including longtime state Republican National Committee member Ron Kaufman, won’t be going to Tampa in August as official delegates.

Mr. Paul, who is Mr. Romney’s only active challenger with the expected withdrawal Wednesday of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, “is doing more with less than any modern presidential campaign in recent memory,” said Doug Wead, a Paul campaign adviser who served as an aide to President George H.W. Bush.

“More surprises coming,” Mr. Wead, an evangelical Christian, blogged this week. “It means that Ron Paul will be a factor in Tampa.”

Ralph Hallow writes that a few more surprises might make Paul strong enough to deny Romney a first-ballot nomination, but that’s unlikely. Massachusetts aside, the Paul campaign has mainly flexed its muscles in states where Romney didn’t do well — and where Rick Santorum succeeded, such as Minnesota, Iowa, Louisiana, and probably Missouri when they hold their fourth or fifth event that will actually select delegates.

The net effect of the Paul conversion will be to weaken Santorum’s influence, not Romney’s. Romney will win enough bound delegates from primary states to secure the nomination on the first ballot.

At this point, what would Paul gain from disrupting the convention? He won’t get the nomination, and he’s not going to get the VP slot, either, especially if he disrupts the convention. Neither will his son Rand, who only just started his first-ever political office. The Pauls want to play a long game, transferring the movement leadership from father to son, while maintaining their influence with the GOP. Rand has much more potential than his father ever did within the party, and everyone knows it.

Ron Paul, member of the United States House of...

Ron Paul, member of the United States House of Representatives from Texas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That potential will be destroyed if Ron Paul and his movement derails the convention and it leads to a second Obama term; they will take all of the blame, and they will deserve it if they pursue that strategy. The Pauls are more rational than that, and they have used a frankly brilliant strategy to lay the groundwork for Rand in the next few cycles. They played by the rules and won these obscure battles. The big question — at least here in Minnesota — is whether they will stick around and do the work that these jobs require. Paul movement members have a reputation for a lack of follow-up in this state, and we’ll see whether that applies after these victories.

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Obama’s evil ‘Matrix’ is alive

May 2, 2012 3 comments

Non-stop lies and corruption. White House “czars” with communist backgrounds. Brazen presidential power grabs. Bows to enemy leaders and insults to allies. Intentionally destructive economic and energy policies. Presidential hot-mic gaffes proving collusion with America’s enemies.

No wonder Americans are more worried today about the very survival of their nation than at any time since the Civil War.

But underlying the madness – underlying all of the epic, high-level subversion of America – enabling it, justifying it, disguising it – is a secret language of the left, a language most citizens neither understand nor even recognize.

Saul Alinsky

Saul Alinsky (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This secret language, an essential ingredient in America’s rapidly advancing socialist transformation, is dramatically exposed in May’s groundbreaking issue of Whistleblower magazine, titled “THE ALINSKY CODE.”

Without this secret language, the “matrix” of deceit and delusion enveloping modern America would soon disappear – just as in the sci-fi film blockbuster “The Matrix” – and citizens would behold Barack Obama and his administration for exactly what they really are: committed revolutionaries of the radical left.

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Obama and His Serfs Wish to Keep America Impotent Until Socialism Rules

May 2, 2012 1 comment

Not too long ago Obama had an opportunity to make the price of oil take a nose dive when the Keystone XL pipeline was presented for his approval and he rejected it with some spurious reasoning. We all remember a few years back when the last petroleum price explosion was about to hit and all it took to get the OPEC producers to drop the price was the renewal of talk amongst Republican politicos to open new area for domestic drilling for oil. The prices tumbled to nearly half of what they reached.

Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of th...

Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States. Latviešu: Abrahams Linkolns, sešpadsmitais ASV prezidents. Српски / Srpski: Абрахам Линколн, шеснаести председник Сједињених Америчких Држава. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Administration, under the usurper Obama, makes no attempt to even talk about oil production increases for America; he instead denigrates the idea until his serfs in the Democrat Party back off in fear of losing favor with him. These wimps have all joined Obama’s socialist-communist planning for the U. S. and oppose any efforts that would be beneficial for the country.

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