Why the GOP is destined to Implode (vanity)

Why the GOP is destined to Implode (vanity)

5/2/12 | me

Posted on Wednesday, May 02, 2012 1:16:56 PM by Mozilla

It has become obvious that the GOP is a free fall mode now and destined to collapse due to the nomination of a Mitt Romney and due to the establishment’s attacks on conservatives and the tea party.

People who can’t take it any longer are trying to stand up to the party. A good way is to not vote for the hand picked nominee who they are ramming down our throats.

But the end is near because already we are seeing a demoralized base that is spilt and broken over the nomination of Mitt Romney.

The ABO crowd fails to see the gravity of the problem or understand how true conservbatives feel about voting for Romney.

The left is feeding off this division and trolling to get the division to continue and to get Romney to demoralize the base instead of them uniting against both Obama and Romney.

The same divisions that occurred in the primaries are continuing. As people are confused on what to do as their worst fears have come true. Obama vs. Romney is where we are at. America loses no matter who wins. A Romney presidency would be a disaster of epic proportions that would be as bad as a second Obama term.

Mitt Romney - Caricature

Mitt Romney - Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

I truly feel that Romney will work to end what is left of the tea party or co-opt it some more to where they become an arm of the GOP. And then he will work to pass romneycare nationally or by having states implement it on a state by state level.

The guy is a progressive who infiltrated the republican party. And as such I am glad we have this site to expose both Romney and Obama.

The other conservative sites out there seem to be in panic, confused mode. They can’t let Obama win, but they know the base hates Romney too. But they don’t go as far as this site has allowed us to attack Romney and the establishment.

They won’t discuss the failure of the two party system and how the GOP is trying to lose the presidential election on puropse. They won’t attack Karl Rove, Dick Morris and Sean Hannity, among others for hipocrisy and promotion of Romney and his lies.

They won’t expose Fox News for the frauds they have become to some extent and the GOP talking points and orders by the RNC to promote Romney and only Romney thus killing off most voices who were vocally against Romney and the GOP establishment on the right. Such as Glenn Beck, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Joe Farah and so on.

They won’t report on Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s posse and their findings as well.

There is so much that is wrong and it is not the least funny. Therefore, I fear the GOP is closing in on a major collapse if they can’t get a good and honest presidental candidate who will expose Obama and the Left and began to help fix the GOP from it evil ways.

So we are close to a meltdown. I am not exactly sure when it comes. One logical place would be if the GOP loses the presidential election and another would be if the infightining goes into the convention and yet another instance could be if more and more people start leaving the GOP and try to form a new party. I don’t know.

Everything is on the table since the GOP has screwed this election cycle up royally. And they need to exposed.

So I thank this site for being able to expose the GOP for the fruads they have become. But i fear what I am seeing by reading the web, this site, posting and studying the situation is frankly the republican party collapse.

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