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We Need to Calm Down! It’s Information Overload | Veterans Today

May 4, 2012 1 comment

by Tom Valentine

The rant by Gordon Duff May 3, cobbled together most of the standard objections to institutional religion during the previous 18 centuries and surely did what the headline promised—“Ain’t nobody gonna Like this.”

I like our fearless leader, and credit his writing for the growth and success of VT. And, like most of you regulars, I get my shorts in a snarl much of the time when he lets his ‘progressive’ habit show and tries to make our MKultra president what he ain’t.

If I were paid to write, and needed production numbers (words) I could build a career using the comments to Duff’s stuff—you guys and gals are pretty good.

But, I’m a lone nut, on a mission and I generally write from experience and from the heart, which has been broken by the behaviors of my beloved homeland over the past 76 years.

I am unabashed in my faith in the tenets of Jesus Christ, and I came from a background of free wheeling agnosticism with plenty of disrespect for “churchists” of every stripe.

However it is a mistake to think everything in history is a rotten lie—plenty of good minds have struggled with the problems in discovering what is true about the question we have to ask as soon as we reach an age of thought.

What and why are we?

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Prison » One in five Americans believes the world is coming to an end; many point to 2012 prophecies

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……………So the world we know today is, indeed, existing with an expiration date, and it’s not yet clear what’s going to replace it. I’m quite certain, for one thing, that the next age of human civilization will see a greatly reduced population from its current levels, meaning that at some point a mass die-off is probably in the works. (That’s the aim of the global elite, actually, including Bill Gates who is actively working to reduce human population in order to “save the planet.” Bring in the vaccines!)

So it’s not really a question of whether the world as we know it will come to an end, but how it will happen. Bill Gates is working on a “soft kill” approach, using vaccines to cause widespread infertility. Interestingly, this may be among the least cruel approaches offered by the globalists, who are also considering things like global thermonuclear war, detonation of EMP weapons to cause a “grid down” situation, and the release of a new global pandemic with a 90% kill rate.

There could also be natural events that lead to various “end of the world” scenarios, including solar flares and the eruption of the massive Yellowstone cauldron — an event that would thrust Earth into a two-year nuclear winter that would collapse the global food supply and lead to mass starvation.

But the time scale on such events is significantly larger than a human lifetime. Yellowstone Park may not blow for another fifty thousand years. A massive grid-disruption solar flare might happen every few hundred years, which IS something to consider on the scale of a human lifetime.

The far bigger threat we all face right now, by the way, is the failure of Fukushima reactor No. 4. According to UN Ambassador Murata, “the fate of the world” depends on reactor No. 4. (…)

The failure of this reactor has the potential to “destroy civilization as we know it,” he says.

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Sharpton’s anti-Arpaio segment shows White House ‘scared’ (““The legitimacy of Obama’s presidency is about to come unglued.””)

May 4, 2012 2 comments




Sharpton’s anti-Arpaio segment shows White House ‘scared’

WND author says ‘legitimacy of Obama’s presidency is about to come unglued’


A segment on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show deriding the findings of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation of Barack Obama’s presidential eligibility shows the White House fears coming revelations, according to WND senior writer Jerome Corsi.

Corsi, who has probed Obama’s eligibility for four years, said “it’s obvious that the White House is scared.”

The segment by Sharpton on his daily “PoliticsNation” show April 27 was an attempt to get out ahead of the news, Corsi said.

The White House is “front-running the story, putting it out through a surrogate trying to ridicule Arpaio’s investigation, because they know how much damage he is about to do to the president,” he said.

“The legitimacy of Obama’s presidency is about to come unglued.”

As WND reported, Arpaio announced March 1 in Phoenix that his volunteer investigative team had concluded probable cause exists that the document released by the White House April 27, 2011, as Obama’s birth certificate is fraudulent.

Corsi said a follow-up press conference is being planned, likely in early June, that will announce further findings he expects to be explosive.

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Wave of black mobs brutalizing whites…

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In a wave of black-on-white crime since the February Trayvon Martin slaying, reports are emerging of dozens of brutal assaults by black mobs and assailants against white victims – and some attackers are citing the revenge for the Martin slaying as reason for their aggression.

Martin is the unarmed black teen who died after being shot by a Hispanic community-watch captain, George Zimmerman, in Sanford, Fla., sparking a wave of outrage o violence against whites long after the Feb. 26 incident.

On March 17 in Baltimore, Md., a white man was beaten, stripped naked and robbed. As a girl danced against him, a black man grabbed an item from the man’s pocket. When the victim attempted to recover his property, the man punched him in the face, knocked him to the ground, stripped his clothes off and taunted him.

Then one man in the mob, identifying himself on Twitter as “Lil Darren,” posted a video of the assault online, explaining: “me an[sic] my boys helped get justice fore[sic] trayvon.” posted this tweet from “Lil Darren.”

In the video, a man named Aaron Parsons, 20, looked into the video camera while ridiculing the victim. He turned himself in to police after being linked to the incident. According to the Baltimore Sun, he has been charged with robbery, assault and other crimes.

Parsons’ attorney, Warren Brown, told the paper the suspect is a “good kid.”

“It’s not the punch that has aroused so much anger – it’s the humiliation after the punch, the disrobing of the guy and going through his pockets,” Brown said. “He wasn’t involved in any of that and has no real association with those people.”

Despite an apology from Parsons, Brown said his client would plead not guilty

The Sun reported:

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© 2012

We don’t care if Col. Terri Erdag, the very mannish-looking female Marine officer, is a lesbian or not. And anyway, Obama did away with DADT finally (it’s an election year, don’t you know?). So what’s the big deal?

Well, it’s kind of like “man bites dog” when you read a Marine Corps press release stating the colonel has been fired from her job as commanding officer of Combat Service Support Schools in part, because she may have “sexually-harassed” what is described as a “senior male officer.”

You mean we are to believe the never-married, very “butch” colonel “came on to” perhaps a colonel or general “guy” who felt so threatened by the experience that he filed a formal complaint?

From what some of our readers say, all bets would be, if Erdag got her ass in a sling over sex charges, it wouldn’t involve a (gasp!) “man.”


C. R. of Illinois wrote in to the Military TIMES discussion board as follows: “I always thought she was a dyke. Glad to see I was wrong.” The Marine veteran said he had served under Erdag at Camp Smith.

It’s got to be an embarrassment when you’re even more masculine-looking than “Horrible Holly Graf.” But all indications we have, are that Erdag’s a good Marine. In fact, she rose through the ranks. At one time, the tough “fifty-something” gal was a USMC buck sergeant and aviation mechanic. Erdag was commissioned a 2LT back in the 1980’s.

She not only served in the first Gulf War, but has been deployed in recent years to both Afghanistan and Iraq.

While we wait for more juicy details of the allegations, all we have now is the Corps saying the colonel’s firing was due “to a loss of confidence in her leadership and ability to maintain a positive command climate.” Those are the words of Brig. Gen. Niel Nelson, boss of the USMC Training Command.

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This is What Our President Wants… (“Enjoy it while it last, because if I geelected, this day is the closest it’s ever gonna be to the way you remember this country being.”)

May 4, 2012 2 comments


RUSH: Snerdley just asked me an interesting question, and I want to pose the question to you in my own words. After 39 weeks of unemployment over 8%, after an unemployment rate that’s been higher for longer than any since the Great Depression — with only 115,000 jobs added — even if you are Barack Obama, don’t you care a little about your legacy? Don’t you want some improvement somewhere in real life, not just a rate drop from 8.2% to 8.1%? Don’t you want something that’s gonna add to your legacy, make you look good to the historians?

Now, what is the flaw in Snerdley’s question?

The flaw in Snerdley’s question is the premise.

To understand Barack Obama, you have to admit something, and it’s a very difficult thing to do. Not for me, ’cause I know. But it’s a very difficult thing for most people to admit, even though he said so in his own words (almost exactly the words I’m gonna use to you) that we’ve elected a president who doesn’t believe this country has ever worked. It’s been a fraud. All these great presidential legacies from the founding up until him are based on fluff and fraud. We have unjust foundings based on immorality and plundering the world for our own benefit.

He doesn’t believe this country’s been legitimately great. It’s been illegitimately great, and he is out to transform it. Watch the Julia slideshow. You’ll see what the ideal citizen is to Barack Obama. It’s a citizen dependent totally on government who has no independent thought, no independent life. Whatever is needed, there’s something in Washington where you can go to get it. You don’t have to do it yourself. You don’t have to do anything yourself. The flaw in the question is that Barack Obama is cut from the same mold as previous presidents.

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TSA-Style Security On Chicago Trains for Obama Summit

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CHICAGO (CBS) – Some stations on the Metra Electric Line and South Shore Line could be shut down during the upcoming NATO summit, and passengers at other stations could face airport-style security screenings, due to the Secret Service security plan that could be released as soon as Friday afternoon.

CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine has exclusive details on those security measures, which the Secret Service is expected to officially unveil on Friday, or at the very latest, on Monday. Federal officials have promised the announcement will include a “comprehensive list of street closures and parking restrictions surrounding the NATO summit.”


LISBON, PORTUGAL – NOVEMBER 20: U.S. President Barack Obama speaks to the media during a press conference on day two of the NATO summit at Feira Internacional de Lisboa (FIL) on November 20, 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal. The two day summit will address issues including a new strategic concept for NATO. Britain and the US will also seek an agreement to hand over responsibility for security in Afghanistan to local forces over the next four years. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

The Secret Service has been battling with Metra and the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District over the security measures that will be needed on the Electric and South Shore lines, which both run directly under McCormick Place.

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