Windows 7 all of a sudden not genuine

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I’m trying to help a senior citizen on a fixed income, in my neighborhood, with a computer issue.

He bought an HP desktop back when Win 7 first was issued (I think Nov. 2009) and all was well until about a month ago.

Now, whenever he boots up the PC, a message pops up saying his copy of Win7 isn’t genuine.

He’s called both HP and Microsoft and each company blames the other.

Most of the time, his phone calls go to India and he has a hard time understanding the tech. support person on the other line.

I’ve heard of a file at Softpedia called RemoveWGA.exe which I’ve used on XP but never on Win7. Is it safe to use RemoveWGA.exe on Win7?

BitDefender flags the file as a trojan, but I’m pretty sure that conclusion is a false positive.

I see from googling this problem, that many users have a similar problem (Windows all of a sudden saying their software isn’t genuine), but I haven’t found a cost efficient solution.

This gentleman already paid for Win7 once, when he first purchased the computer, so I would think he wouldn’t have to pay for it a second time.

Unfortunately, when he made the purchase, HP did not include a Win7 disc with his shipment (otherwise we could do a re-install).

I know there should be an option to re-active Windows by right-clicking COMPUTER and going to Properties, but he doesn’t have this option.

Any tips, suggestions (even “Buy an iPad, you fool!”) appreciated and welcome.

Thanks so much.

via Windows 7 all of a sudden not genuine.

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