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Prison » The Way The Pentagon Is Predicting Your Potential To Become A National Threat Is Frightening

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Tom Cruise made “pre-crime’” a futuresque and controversial method of law enforcement in the 2002 movie Minority Report.

Ten years later, the idea of preemptively identifying a criminal — particularly an inside threat — is taking shape within the U.S. Defense Department, reports Joe Gould at Army Times.

Whether it’s a low-ranking soldier intent on dumping secret information to WikiLeaks, or a rogue Sergeant going on a shooting rampage, insider threats can seriously plague the military and the government as a whole.

Taking a novel approach, the Pentagon is spearheading research into studying the predictive behavior of personnel in the lead-up to a betrayal.

From Army Times:

The Army’s efforts dovetail with a broader federal government initiative. President Obama signed an executive order last October that established an Insider Threat Task Force to develop a government wide program to deter, detect and mitigate insider threats.

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USAF Drones May Conduct “Incidental” Domestic Surveillance

May 8, 2012 1 comment

USAF Drones May Conduct “Incidental” Domestic SurveillanceFAS ^ | 08 May 2012 | Steven AftergoodPosted on Tuesday, May 08, 2012 3:39:51 PM by TheoriaU.S. Air Force policy permits the incidental collection of domestic imagery by unmanned aerial systems drones, but ordinarily would not allow targeted surveillance of a U.S. person.

The Air Force policy was restated in a newly reissued instruction on oversight of Air Force intelligence.“Air Force Unmanned Aircraft System UAS operations, exercise and training missions will not conduct nonconsensual surveillance on specifically identified US persons, unless expressly approved by the Secretary of Defense, consistent with US law and regulations,” the instruction stated.On the other hand, “Collected imagery may incidentally include US persons or private property without consent.”“Collecting information on specific targets inside the US raises policy and legal concerns that require careful consideration, analysis and coordination with legal counsel.

Therefore, Air Force components should use domestic imagery only when there is a justifiable need to do so, and then only IAW [in accordance with] EO 12333, the National Security Act of 1947, as amended, DoD 5240.1-R, and this instruction,” it said.Legally valid requirements for domestic imagery, the instruction said, include surveillance of natural disasters, environmental studies, system testing and training, and also counterintelligence and security-related vulnerability assessments. Air Force units are authorized to acquire domestic commercial imagery for such validated purposes.However, “Air Force intelligence components………..


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Prison » FBI Raids “Domestic Terrorist” Camp in Florida

May 8, 2012 1 comment

The FBI raided what it describes as a paramilitary camp in Osceola County over the weekend. Investigators told the media ten people were arrested on hate crime charges. The suspects are said to be members of the American Front, a white supremacist group. According to WFTV in Orlando, the group “is known as a domestic terrorist organization.”

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Senior Obama Adviser Defends Class Warfare By Quoting Karl Marx

May 8, 2012 3 comments
Karl Marx

Cover of Karl Marx

Class war is not just inevitable but justifiable writes Rick Bookstaber, who serves on the Obama administraiton’s Financial Stability Oversight Council.

I wonder if he thinks those Occupy Wall Street protesters breaking out the glass of banks is “justifiable.”

Rick Bookstaber, who currently serves on the Financial Stability Oversight Council, the federal body established under the Dodd-Frank Act to “ensure the stability of our nation’s financial system,” took issue with conservative commentator Tucker Carlson’s accusations that liberals were engaging in “class warfare” by seeking to blame the nation’s fiscal problems on a small number of wealthy individuals.

“There is little that matches the artfulness of the rich in waving off criticism of the widening income gap as ‘class warfare,’” Bookstaber wrote. “And there is little that matches the gullibility of the rest in following along.”

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Prison » ‘US military, CIA out of control in Afghanistan’

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Afghan president Hamid Karzai has warned that the recently signed strategic pact with the US is at risk of becoming “meaningless” if the people do not feel safe in the country.

This comes after reports that four air strikes in recent days, carried out by international forces, left dozens of civilians dead. For more RT talks Ahmed Quraishi President of lobbying group PakNationalists Forum.

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Prison » Ron Paul Is Hosting A Hearing On Ending The Federal Reserve Right Now

May 8, 2012 18 comments

Ron Paul Is Hosting A Hearing On Ending The Federal Reserve Right Now

May 8, 2012

Texas Congressman Ron Paul will once again face off against his central bank nemesis this morning, during a Congressional hearing on monetary policy and the Federal Reserve.

The hyped-up hearing is titled “The Federal Reserve System: Mend It Or End It?,” and will be hosted by the House Finance Committee’s Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology Subcommittee, which oversees the Federal Reserve and which, incidentally, is chaired by Ron Paul.

The hearing will feature testimony from several economists and lawmakers, all of whom have some problem with the central bank. No one who works for the Fed is scheduled to testify.

The subcommittee will also consider several bills, including Paul’s Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act, which would abolish the Federal Reserve, its Board of Governors, and eliminate the Federal Reserve Act.

“More and more people are beginning to understand just how destructive the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy has been,” Paul said in a press release. “I hope that this hearing will kickstart a serious discussion on the need to rein in the Fed.”

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Prison » Re-Education Camp Manual Also Describes Forced Labor

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A shocking U.S. Army manual that describes how “political activists,” including American citizens, are to be indoctrinated in re-education camps also includes rules on forced labor and separating political prisoners by confining them in isolation.

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