Prison » Health Ranger wonders how people look at the obvious and don’t see it – here’s the answer

Sitting back listening to a stirring episode of theHealth Ranger Report, an interview with author Jim Marrs, I heard Mike Adams wonder aloud how people can look at the obvious and still not see it. I have a clear answer.

Indeed, Mike, it is mind boggling that people can watch video after video of the twin towers and WTC Bldg. 7 coming down, falling right into their own footprint, and still not believe what really happened. Everyone has seen building demolitions. It doesn’t take an expert eye to notice them. Everyone knows building 7 was not struck by a plane, yet it came down with engineered precision. We watch. We don’t recognize the truth!

And this is just the beginning. Examples large and small abound!

We stare at evidence that raw milk is perfectly safe, yet continue to fear it.

We’ve been told by credible sources that pesticides are toxic, yet munch that conventionally grown apple with delight, proud of ourselves for eating fruit instead of a candy bar.

We know the national debt is a runaway freight train, yet do not demand fiscal accountability from our leaders or even prepare ourselves for the inevitable.

We absolutely know that cigarettes are a health hazard, yet suck them down by the billions.

A d v e r t i s e m e n t

We live with a ton of chronic stress that we have been warned will shorten our lifespan, yet we continue racing through life at breakneck speeds.

We live in strained relationships in which neither partner feels nourished, yet tell ourselves that the marriage will last.

Examples of this phenomenon could fill volumes. The reason it is remotely possible to stare at the truth and not see it is due to a concept that will forever define the legacy of Sigmund Freud. Freud is the modern genius that reminded humanity about the life and death issue ofdenial.

Denial. It’s such a simple concept.We simply dismiss what we actually experience, usually with a comforting excuse.

After a three-minute exam, the doctor whips out his………


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