Senior Obama Adviser Defends Class Warfare By Quoting Karl Marx

Karl Marx

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Class war is not just inevitable but justifiable writes Rick Bookstaber, who serves on the Obama administraiton’s Financial Stability Oversight Council.

I wonder if he thinks those Occupy Wall Street protesters breaking out the glass of banks is “justifiable.”

Rick Bookstaber, who currently serves on the Financial Stability Oversight Council, the federal body established under the Dodd-Frank Act to “ensure the stability of our nation’s financial system,” took issue with conservative commentator Tucker Carlson’s accusations that liberals were engaging in “class warfare” by seeking to blame the nation’s fiscal problems on a small number of wealthy individuals.

“There is little that matches the artfulness of the rich in waving off criticism of the widening income gap as ‘class warfare,’” Bookstaber wrote. “And there is little that matches the gullibility of the rest in following along.”

“I am not picking sides in this war,” he added, “but I believe such a war is justifiable, and indeed ultimately inevitable.”

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  1. Michael Johnson says:

    Class warfare started over 30 years ago. The middle class is getting clobbered!

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