To Heaven… and Back…

To Heaven… and Back

Reaganite Republican ^ | May 11, 2012 | Reaganite Republican

Posted on Friday, May 11, 2012 2:59:23 PM by Reaganite Republican

If Steve Jobs’ “Oh, wow… oh WOW!” wasn’t enough for you…

Now we’ve got another sane, intelligent, sensible, only vaguely religious person giving us a peek of life on the other side… and boy is she ever convincing:


I felt no pain… I was struggling (drowning in a kayak)… at that point, I really did give-up my spirit over to God.

I immediately experienced complete and absolute peace… calm… I had no pain, I felt great.

And I was being held, and comforted, and re-assured as then my body was sucked-out of the boat (into the water) and my spirit peeled-away from my body.

I was joyously-greeted by this host of other people or spirits, -whatever you want to call them- I had know them for an eternity, and they knew me. And they were so happy, and they did take me along this path to -not a bright light- but this brilliant, beautiful hall of sorts- like this brilliant, beautiful hall of sorts… like a giant, domed entrance hall.

… this hall was brilliantly glowing with such intense love… it was God’s love.

Well, I won’t say that I would hasten it… but I can hardly wait to go back!

I am not only not afraid to die, but I know that there really is life after death… that God really does love us… has a plan for us… and works for us in our lives.

I was sent back with a number of mandates… one of which was to share my story.


So do your favorite agnostic a favor… send them this video

so they’ll know what to expect… unless the initials are BHO, that is.

Video/more at Reaganite Republican

via To Heaven… and Back.

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