We’ve Improved on TIME’s New Cover


RUSH: I gotta print this. Sorry, I gotta print this. Print, come on, print. I’ve gotta show you something here on the Dittocam. I can’t describe it. Dittocam is off ’cause I’m zooming in. I got two minutes. I gotta print this thing out. The next cover of TIME Magazine, the headline: “Are You Mom Enough?” Zoom in here.

Hang on, folks. Hang on. I’m zooming in. Okay, are you ready? There it is. The latest TIME Magazine: “Are You Mom Enough?” It is a mother standing up in a jogging outfit tank top, left breast is exposed and her son is eating. Her name is at the bottom here, but I can’t read it because this is a small picture. I’ve blown it up. Her name and the son’s name is on this. I just can’t read it.

It’s a real mother and child, and this story is about a psychiatrist or psychologist that… well, here, you can read the headline: “Why attachment parenting drives some mothers to extremes — and how Dr. Bill Sears became their guru.” So this apparently is “attachment motherhood.” This to some people would be pornography on the cover of TIME Magazine. To some people, Snerdley, this would be pornography. The woman is 26, looks like a model, you’d have to say, blonde, short hair, smiling, looks happy. The boy is three. The boy is nursing. The breast is fully exposed, chowing down there. That’s exactly what’s happening.


RUSH: Okay, we know the name of the woman and her child from the cover story on TIME Magazine………….


via We’ve Improved on TIME’s New Cover.

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