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Sheriff’s candidate J.T. Ready’s body was discovered along with his family, either a murder/suicide or ambush/execution. One disturbing fact upsets the common misreporting and the police coverup. Ready had never fired a weapon, had no GSR (gun-shot residue) on his hands or clothing and his weapons, a .223 rifle and 9mm pistol were unfired.

All information about the ballistics of this shooting has been withheld. The results of the autopsies has been with held.

The news and police had lied about this and so much more. Now Ready, a flawed man, as imperfect as many, is the victim of a smear campaign orchestrated, oddly enough by a publication owned by Wall Street bank, Goldman/Sachs and police agencies under investigation for accepting bribes from narcotics cartels.

We will lay out the truth, if you can “handle it”

I interviewed Ready not long before he died. He, along with other regional Sheriffs/candidates had asked Veterans Today for our support and the best known of them for me to come out and appear on stage with him. This was not “J.T. Ready.”

Mike Harris interviewed Ready twice before and was photographed near him when Ready attended Republican Party gatherings. Mike was then the GOP candidate for Governor of Arizona. The purpose of this is clear, after the Zimmerman shooting, the piracy and executions on the Mavi Marmara, Libya and so many other times when real military and intelligence leaders could only speak through Veterans Today to protect American freedoms and openly express support for justice and equality, things in short supply around here now, it is time for me to “take the gloves off.”

Here are some facts that the news suppressed, police lied about, agencies have misled the public on. Later we will talk about who Ready was, the real person. The story isn’t going to be pretty.

9 days ago, 4 people were killed at 1pm in Gilbert, Arizona. Among them was J.T. Ready who had most recently been seen running for sheriff of Pinal County Arizona, and defending “Occupy” protestors. This wasn’t the J.T. Ready of years before, during his one visit to the NSM. Mike Harris checked with that organization, one Ready was said to be closely aligned to. The NSM regional director said that J.T. Ready only attended one meeting, years ago. We were told that Ready only paid dues to the NSM for 9 months. Is this true? We aren’t sure, we aren’t sure of anything.

What we did do is look into their website, the “National Socialist Movement” and have chosen to provide our readers with their creed to examine and comment on, something no other organizations has bothered with:….



via The Very Un-American Arizona Coverup | Veterans Today.

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