High-mileage vehicles not allowed in US

The video explains the difference in passenger car mileage between European countries and the US. I had heard from friends that travel regularly in Europe that European cars typically get higher mileage than comparable US automobiles, but I had no idea how much or why. I figured it probably had to do with government regulations and air quality demands. It’s much worse than that.

Here is a screen capture form the Volkswagon UK site that gives information on the Passat TDI fuel consumption:

In case you have difficulty reading it, the 1.6L Diesel gets 65.7 miles per gallon, combined, and 78 mpg highway! Most of these models are made in US factories, but cannot be sold here. Additionally, there is a Ford Focus, also made here, that gets similar astounding mileage that is likewise prohibited from being sold in the US. This is maddening. What is it going to take to bring this bloated government behemoth to heel?

I drove a VW Jetta TDI for several years and got an honest 50 mpg, combined. The Passat is a larger, more luxurious version of the Jetta. The TDI (Diesel) Passat will likely be my next automobile. I wish it could be a European BlueMotion TDI……….


via High-mileage vehicles not allowed in US.

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