Northeast “Intelligence” Network or Northeast Plagiarism Network?

By Debbie Schlussel

The old adage says that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But actually, that’s not always true. In the world of writing and research, imitation is the most insincere form of armed robbery. But, at least in a real armed robbery, you usually see the guy with his gun and you know he is stealing from you. With plagiarists, they just steal your hard work behind your back.

That was the case with the so-called Northeast Intelligence Network a/k/a NEIN a/k/a and its main operator, Douglas J. Hagmann, who on Monday, ripped off something I wrote–passing it off as the work of himself and his site’s “investigators,” who apparently don’t even exist. If the intelligence and terrorism expertise business is a matter of stealing the work of others and passing it off as your own, then I guess he’s good at it.


A number of readers notified me that Mr. Hagmann, in the second half of this post from Monday, ripped off my Friday work on Safa Pizza a/k/a Safa’s Pizza–the mysterious pizza shop at which two of the missing Egyptian “students” were found working, and at which two of the 2005 Baltimore Tunnel plotters were also found. That was based on a tip from an observant reader named Rona, further research by myself, and a tip I got from an interview with a source who shall remain nameless and who has never spoken to Mr. Hagmann or his phantom “investigators.”

In fact, Mr. Hagmann ripped off that entry in its entirety reworking it, with a tiny statement at the end, claiming……………


via Northeast “Intelligence” Network or Northeast Plagiarism Network?.

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