U.S. Presidents As Seen Through the (Well-Informed) Eyes of the Secret Service

If those Ray-Bans could only talk…

Yet now they have: a new book has let out a few gems,

and has got some other former agents talking, too:

Frank Sinatra

Cover of Frank Sinatra

JFK: ‘A philanderer of the highest order…’

One agent assigned to guard the charismatic leader got to know a ‘cheating, reckless husband whose aides snuck women into the White House to appease his sexual appetite.’

Sammy Davis, Jr.

Sammy Davis, Jr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some Catholic- but little surprise: FBI files speak of the horndog Kennedy brothers’ special Manhattan townhouse, used solely for the purpose of holding orgies along with booty bangin’ buds Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr (explains the crosseyed perma-grin).

LBJ: Blowhard liberal successor to Kennedy was also ‘promiscuous and oversexed’. In addition to his other fine qualities, Johnson was an uncouth slob, ‘crude as the day is long’ who treated Secret Service -along with most other staff-

like servantile trash, according to those served in the failed president’s security detail.

As with JFK…………..


via U.S. Presidents As Seen Through the (Well-Informed) Eyes of the Secret Service.

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