(Rush) Establishment Discovers Obama Can Lose


RUSH: Politico has a story. What did I tell you last fall? The Republican establishment doesn’t even believe Obama can lose, right? Republican establishment during the arguments, during the primaries, should it be Newt, should it be Santorum, should it be Rick Perry, should it be Michele Bachmann, should it be Romney. Of course, the argument often came down on electability, who has the best chance of beating Obama, was one criteria that primary voters and analysts looked to. And I said all along, the dirty little secret is, in the Republican establishment, they don’t think Obama can lose. They don’t think we can beat him. All they want is the Senate.

I know many of you are new to the program and don’t remember me saying it ’cause you weren’t here. But those of you who were here the last few years remember this discussion going on and on and on about how frustrated we all were. Because you and I are sitting here thinking, “This guy’s not only not unbeatable, he’s landslidable beatable!” Here’s another thing. Unfortunately, I can’t avoid it. Wherever I go, I get asked, “Hey, Rush, what’s really going on with the election? What’s really gonna happen?”

As though everything I say on the radio is a lie or made up. “What’s really going on, Rush? Do we have a chance, Rush? I can’t tell you how many people ask me that. Everybody! “Do we really have a chance? Do we have a chance?” And I say, “Let me tell you something. I think, not only do we have a chance, I think that it’s possible we could blow Obama out in a record landslide.” And you know what they all say? “Whew! Good. That’s what I think, too, but I’m just afraid to say it.”

Everybody thinks it. They all think it but they’re afraid to say it, even to their own friends and to other people. So they’re being cautious. Anyway, The Politico has a story. It’s by Jonathan Martin, our old buddy John Martin. Right There: “GOP Discovers That Mitt Romney Could Win,” and the story is from today. I’m holding it right here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. Remember last fall? I told you the GOP, the establishment, was asked, “Why Romney?”

“Well, because Romney will give us the best chance of holding the House and winning the Senate. Romney will do the best job down the ballot. Bachmann’s not gonna help us down the ballot. Perry’s not gonna help us down the ballot. Newt’s not gonna help us. No conservative is!” They said, “No conservative is gonna help us anywhere down the ballot. Can’t have a conservative. Gotta have Mitt. Gotta have a moderate, gotta have a centrist, gotta have a middle-of-the-road guy. That’ll help us win.”

That was the Republican establishment.

Lo and behold, here we are………..


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