Threat of blackouts (after the election) — Cooking the books: new scandal in the making?

By Wes Vernon

The threat of an accelerated economic collapse after the November election (a concern feared by analysts for months) may be accompanied by rolling blackouts that will leave the prospect of millions of Americans either freezing or roasting in the dark. In the years immediately ahead, that could lead to the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

We were warned

The problem did not sneak up on us. Simple math would tell anyone with common sense that the interconnected bulk power and transmission lines cannot indefinitely light up and heat or cool homes, hospitals, and businesses of an America whose population has crashed the 310 million mark as the nation goes year after year without building new coal-fired plants to meet the demands of more people requiring the basic necessities of life that energy supplies. Beyond that, more of the plants that remain are showing their age as government regulators go after them.

We were already warned of this looming crisis prior to Barack Obama’s elevation to the White House. Even before he was sworn in, the new president had declared “war on coal.” Not only has he doubled down on the years-long anti-coal crusade of ideologically-driven extremist groups, he has candidly vowed that anyone who builds a new plant will go broke under the heavy-hand of regulators at the EPA. President Obama has gleefully projected that under his regime, your electricity bills “will necessarily skyrocket.” One almost conjures up the cartoon image of the mad scientist wringing his hands with glee. But, hey, he warned us out loud this was what he would do, and America did not listen.

A House energy committee staff memo has predicted — in the absence of policy changes — that power shortages in your home or mine are in store for the next few years in most of our states (more on that below).

An energy battle on two fronts………


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2 Responses to Threat of blackouts (after the election) — Cooking the books: new scandal in the making?

  1. janetspillows says:

    We are definitely living in the end of time if this happens. It’s not just America that is upside down with problems,but the world in general. The only one who can solve the problems of the world is God. And God helps us if Obama is re-elected. He is already a dictator. We might as well call the United States…North Korea. Both Obama and the idiot in NK are communists and very evil men. But they forget that there is a God and they won’t win in the end.

  2. Gunny G says:

    And the beat goes on…getting more uninteresting….impatience is setting in…

    Semper Watching!

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