Laurie Roth – Obama has declared war on God not the Catholic church

Lucifer tried to be God before and was thrown out of Heaven. Countless dictators have attempted to turn Government into God and have been crushed. Now we have Obama, plagiarist of history, building nothing new in Frankenstein Obama’s laboratory.

He is quickly ripping off Christian and Constitutional body parts and slapping on dead and putrefying, Muslim, U.N. and Obama parts. Rights have to go. Freedom has to go and God must go. Abortion, Islam, Internationalism, fascism and Marxism must be slapped on.

Obama plans to be the one in control and that means yanking God and Christians off their ‘high horse’ of religious expression and rights. That means completely redefining freedom of expression to freedom of oppression.

The Obama controlled and ‘enhanced’ freedom must go through his exclusive sifter before it is supported and seen in media and public a)Islam and Sharia law b)Internationalism and global elitism c) Anti Christian and Anti Jew viewfinder

The Catholic Church as finally awakened and so should ALL Christian churches and anyone who loves God of the Holy Bible and freedom to express THEIR faith. 43 Catholic institutions and many dioceses have sued Obama because Obamacare refuses to honor the church’s free exercise of religion since it is a step away from the church itself and referring to hospitals and schools. These are subordinated organizations that can be controlled and manipulated by Obamacare. That means forced to support, fund and lift up the abortions at all levels even though they believe it is murder and wrong.

Obama has attacked our 1st amendment rights, turned the U.S.military on our citizens with the NDAA Bill, submitted our Constitution to International regulations through recent executive orders and now is attempting to rewrite religion, starting with the Catholic Church. He will define what Religion is to look like and that means supporting abortions and gay marriage…………


via Laurie Roth – Obama has declared war on God not the Catholic church.

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