Was Karl Marx Satanic? (Part 1.)

Karl Marx

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Examining the life and faith of Karl Marx, the patron saint of the left, offers insights into the mind and the actions of the left today. Rev. Richard Wurmbrand, the author of Marx & Satan makes a convincing case regarding the satanic beliefs and practices of Marx and his coterie of radicals. The amoral philosophy of Marx, the dialectic, the convoluted and inverse style of communication, the worship of earthly power, these are all telltale signs of satanic worship and are the hallmark of the left approach to life and politics today.


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Certainly Marx’ spawn, Nazism and Communism, unleashed more evil into the firmament than have any other cults in history. As Jesus said on the Mount: “A good tree cannot bear evil fruit, an evil tree cannot bear good fruit…know them by their fruits.”

Marxist ideas have been submerged into an unwitting culture, a culture that is not consciously engaging in satanic worship. Yet the satanic influence of Marx continues to permeate society today whether or not one is literally a devil worshipper. Wurmbrand speculated that Marx was a follower of British occult figure Joanna Southcott, one of the many 19th Century expositors of the “new age.” This author considers the 18th Century Jewish Satanist and occultist Jacob Frank to have more in common with Marx’ approach to life and politics.

Jacob Frank (1726-1791) claimed to be the Messiah and formed a secretive heretical sect that broke away from Judaism. Frank was a follower of Shabtai Zvai, another Jewish false messiah from the previous century. The Frankists, followers of Jacob Frank, formed secret societies after a rabbinic excommunication of him and his followers from Judaism at the 1722 Assembly of Lemberg. The satanic nature of the Frankist movement was indicated by their belief in the virtue of reversing all norms of morality and glorifying that which is considered immoral. Sigmund Freud, who popularized the concept of polymorphous perversity, was probably influenced by the Frankists.

Marx viewed himself as a messiah. Like Jacob Frank, who claimed along with his followers to have converted to Catholicism, and like Frank’s predecessor in heresy Shabtai Zvai and his followers, who claimed to have converted to Islam in 1666, Marx advocated…………


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