Memorial Day – Time to Ask Why | Veterans Today

…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor and USMC Combat Veteran

Why did I add that? I am asking for something and it isn’t money. We have some “activists” here, folks who are angry and at an end of their patience with injustice.

They provide hope and balance for the fatal cynicism that comes from the intelligence community where our real depth is, over 32 nations now, many either writing or feeding info and confirmations in great secrecy.

We aren’t a whistle blower or “leak” sight. We are just a voice and a platform where members of the clandestine community, activists, war veterans, tier one fighters can come together and share ideas, communicate back channel and close some of the gaps that have led to the last disastrous century.

Our general agreement, with dozens of wars, thousands of medals, top clearances or activists with decades of personal sacrifice, we are slowly coming together, but not so slowly anymore.

The financial games have turned all of us, they have been too transparent. Now all of us, and I work hard to keep paid infiltrators and shills away. This is the wrong place for children to play with adults, if you get my meaning…best left unstated, are looking for justice.

We aren’t terrorists but free men and women but we want blood, the blood of the guilty just the same. We know war, we know politics, we know economics and we know lies when we hear them and we have listened to little else for so long we know of nothing else. All of it is a con. None of it fits.

What do I mean?

Let’s start with the wars, terror, Iran, Syria, Libya, the Balkans, the weapons races, all eating the resources of a planet we old guys were going to save, build for our grandchildren so they could live in peace and plenty, so they could look on a world we helped make and be proud of us.

We screwed up, killed the wrong people, fought the wrong wars, were too often on the wrong side, let ourselves be lied to and used. Quietly, some feel shame, other anger and none that have honor don’t feel one, the other or both.

We are not just ashamed of those who sold out for money, who have kept the world impoverished, most below iron age, half at stone age, disease ridden, ignorant and starving, when we could so easily have done so much better, those who are silent on this many of us wish dead, have the skills to make it happen but then see the lesson.

We would be terrorists.

I have friends who are ranking officials, top officers who, when they talk, sound like freedom fighters, people who wish for the clarity that real honor would give, war to defend our families, not wars of profit and conquest that has stained our souls.


via Memorial Day – Time to Ask Why | Veterans Today.

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