War, Press TV and Death By Political Correctness | Veterans Today

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

As many know, I am the preferred voice chosen by Press TV, the Iranian news network, when discussing military issues. The answer is simple, I am the only one who will talk with them, the only one not terrified at reprisals by the ADL, a Pseudo-Jewish Lobby group I see as intellectual terrorists.

Let’s talk a second about Press TV. They have been blocked in Britain and Germany but are, by American standards, very mainstream, their news reporting accurate and fairly “middle of the road.” In fact, they, by my standards, try too hard to sound like others.

I work with them because of one reason, they display a naivety but also a sense of decency.

What they will do as will the other major foreign independent but government controlled network, Russia Today TV, is allow what sounds like diverse opinions from “dissidents.”

In truth, both are overrun with phony dissidents, those pretending to protest evil but the majority of whom are tasked with steering opinions to a controlled “dead end.” I catch this continually, protestors, brainless college professors, phony experts, all either paid spies or others terrified of speaking the truth in fear of angering the bullies who use charges of “anti-semitism” to get people fired from jobs or subjected to violence.

Only a very few, Alan Sabrosky, Jeff Gates, Kevin Barrett, Mike Harris, oh, and me, others too, will ever speak fact.

What is fact?:

Anyone who doesn’t pretend doesn’t Al Qaeda exists is ostracized. Neither is there now nor has there ever been such an organization. The Department of Justice invented it and the CIA, Mossad and other organizations are responsible for the terrorist acts falsely attributed to it. “Al Qaeda” is Hebrew for “boogeyman” me thinks.

Those who say they are “terrorist spokesmen” are Israeli actors and all “Al Qaeda” material is pure theatre, every word a lie. Blaming phony “Al Qaeda” is a form of political correctness, one that causes wars and kills endless thousands. The Al Qaeda lie has made many a criminal and political hack an overnight billionaire while America is starving, schools are closing and veterans sleeping under bridges.

Osama bin Laden was never a terrorist, died in 2001, denied any complicity in 9/11 and was a CIA agent, both loved and respected by his American co-workers with whom I have spoken extensively. He never committed a single act, had no terror network and was the chosen trustee of all American Stinger missiles used against the Soviet Union. Technically, he is an American hero.

There is no US government nor any political parties. There is a world government that consists of layers, corporations, banks, overlords, one no single person understands but not run by the Bilderbergers, the CFR and has almost no American membership. America takes orders passed on through Israel who gets them from some place else.

Iran and Israel stay at each other’s throats because they have domestic governments that are extremely unpopular and need to blame someone else for their problems. Iran plays “nuclear peek-a-boo” while Israel pretends they are surrounded by invisible armies or are hiding from imaginary rockets. When Israel needs a terror attack, they simply kill a few of their own, blame Hamas, attack and wait for Hamas or someone to retaliate. Everyone who knows anything knows this but saying it will get you accused of “anti-semitism” and you could lose your high paying job as a liar or misdirection artist, what you do instead of real work which no longer seems to exist.

Look at this photo:Remember the light poles that fell on a taxi owned by the husband of an FBI employee on 9/11, light poles knocked down by the imaginary airplane that hit the Pentagon? Here is a photo 1 minute after a missile hit the Pentagon, before official could come out and use equipment to knock the poles down and stage the phony crash, no wings, no engines, no plane, no bodies, and certainly not the thousands of cocktail napkins that would have spread over a mile like they do at other crashes.

Here is another one so much worse:


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