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…..It is expected by some experts that this new war against the American Citizen will start out as psyops and low intensity warfare, then progressing to full scale “in the streets”, house to house combat until the Sheeple are completely disarmed and subjugated, unless the Shadow Govt is exposed and stopped before it can do so, especially if those in its ranks rebel in mass which is more likely than not.

The Shadow Govt officials fear this possibility and are making provisions to import foreign troops to assist, to be explained and rationalized as training exercises.

If the Shadow Govt is NOT planning for a full spectrum war inside the USA against the Sheeple, why then have they activated Northcom, created Homeland Security as a Stasi/Gestapo type organization, why the extreme military buildup inside the USA, the militarization of the police, the passage of unConstitutional draconian laws such as the Patriot Acts, the Military Commissions Act, the NDAA 2012, and many more? Why the onslaught against all American freedoms from all sides? So far the Shadow Govt has not justified any of these insane, criminal measures other than to say they are necessary to protect us from FOREIGN TERRORIST, and now the newly arising Domestic or potential or suspected Domestic Terrorists (which darn near includes most law abiding Americans but only exists in their imaginations).

Obviously such continued provocations can produce the war they are gearing up for now, but they may get much more than they expect if they continue, because it may turn out to be that their greatest opposition will develop deep inside their own systems by highly trained and skilled individuals who have the ability to take control over their sophisticated weapons systems no matter what protections they have in place and turn them against the Shadow Govt and the Beast………………..


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via WAR ON TERROR: The World’s Biggest New Business | Veterans Today.

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