Restoring representation–A Strategic Proposal III (Cont’d)

By Alan Keyes

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Step Two: Focus on restoring the political standard of America’s founders and renewing America’s common bond

United States political activist and former di...

United States political activist and former diplomat, Dr. Alan Keyes (en) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A. Look not for a President who will do for you, but for representatives who will choose a President most likely to do his sworn duty to the country.

In the lip-service they give to the true meaning of the Republican label, GOP leaders routinely speak of their belief in “limited government.” Yet in their practice of politics, they focus, just like the Democrats, on what government is doing, has done, or will do for some individuals and groups. In doing so, they give short shrift to the things that government is supposed to do for the people as a whole, according to the U.S. Constitution and the moral principles it is based upon. First among them: to secure the unalienable rights which are the common good of all. “To secure these rights, governments are instituted among men.” So says the Declaration of Independence. If this is the first duty of government, then it is the first duty of all the sworn officers of government, for their office (from the Latin officium, meaning service, duty, etc.) is their duty.

The elitist faction’s sham political process literally turns this priority upside down. The “what have you done for me lately” mentality was once mainly associated with urban bossism’s degradation of politics. The elitist demagogues have made it the byword of their campaign rhetoric. This is why their promise and spend, spend and borrow, and spend election strategies, which feed the addiction to government power, have bankrupted the nation. Down this bottoms-up political rabbit hole, the aim of the nominating process is to procure the best talking figurehead to speak for this political prostitution, with no more thought to duty or real qualifications than is required to find an attractive reader for the nightly news.

In the context of their power-corrupted way of doing politics, the oath and duties of office aren’t even an afterthought. If a nominee is serviceable as the focal point for their manipulation of the electorate, their attitude says “let the Constitution’s requirements go hang.” Thus in Obama’s case, the overwhelming majority of politicians and government officials in both parties pronounced, or acquiesced in, the view that the majority’s vote is the only qualification for office, no matter what the Constitution says. In line with the worst kind of obsequious, mobocracy-promoting demagoguery, they then proceeded to apply this same attitude to abusive Presidential executive orders, as well as the subversion of the Constitution’s plainly-mandated legislative process.

So a corrupting approach to politics leads to an abusive approach to governing, one that casts aside the limits and constraints of the Constitution’s words in order to violate the limits and constraints of the Declaration’s principles. Thus, on the excuse of national security, and with the support of majorities from both parties, Congress approved legislation erasing the due process of law for individuals, citizens, and non-citizens alike.

Such results are poison to liberty. But it does no good to protest these results while accepting, with bovine placidity, the corrupt political process that secretes their venom. It makes no sense to choose government officers with no regard for their commitment to the first duty of government, and then expect that, once in office, they will make respect for that duty their first priority. The priority that governed their quest for office governs their tenure in office. To change the process, we must reject the order of priorities it imposes. We must replace it with the order of priorities America’s founders proposed when they subscribed to and adopted the documents that make up the nation’s organic law…………..


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