Laurie Roth – Not for sale UNTIL you hit the right price… (“Never before however, have we had an illegal alien ‘usurper’ in the White House for President…”)

Our freedom and Constitution have always been priceless. Their value to most Americans is vividly clear. The cost of our Freedom and country was blood, lives, wealth and treasure. Americans know that we are the leader of the free world, unique and a Christian nation. They also know that we are under assault and dangerously compromised now.

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Through out our brief and miraculous history as a country, fearless and visionary leaders have risen up to serve and protect the U.S.A. Most have not been for sale but some have given in to the seduction of power, having affairs, and committing crimes. Most, however, have fought to serve America and do what was right.

With all the blemishes representing our more recent group of Presidents, Nixon, with his lying and eavesdropping; Clinton with his endless affairs, lies and corruption; Bush senior – talking of the New world order and George Bush sneaking plans for the North American Union, ignoring the border and calling the Minute Men names. It is most obvious, our list of Presidents have been far from perfect and inspired by things other than what was right or Constitutional at times.

Never before however, have we had an illegal alien ‘usurper’ in the White House for President who appears not to have been born anywhere near Hawaii – Barack Hussein Obama. Let us look at just how ‘tin helmet’ my suspicions about Obama are. From 1991 onward, (16 years) his own publicist and book PR team published material saying Obama was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia. No one fought this then. Did they just make it up out of thin air? Obama’s own Grandmother and Kenyon Government officials have said Obama was born there. His own wife Michelle said he was from Kenya in an interview. The fingers pointing to Kenya are numerous. Add that to the 2 million he has spent to hide all his documents. Why hide College records, passport records and your birth certificate? You have something to hide that is why!


via Laurie Roth – Not for sale UNTIL you hit the right price.

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