(KAL 007 Shootdown, Cong. Larry Patton McDonald, Etc.) Devvy Kidd — Anniversary of on-going Cover up Approaches, Part 1

…..KAL Flight 007 was shot down by the Russians on September 1, 1983. Allegedly all 269 passengers including United States Congressman Larry McDonald perished. After spending a substantial amount of research time, I am convinced that not only did the passengers survive, but since some of them were young children, they are likely still alive. Where are they? Bush’s pal, former KGB spy, Vlad Putin has them. You’ve heard of the KGB haven’t you? Let me do a short recap here:

“At precisely ten o’clock, the South Korean minister of foreign affairs announced that he had received confirmation from the CIA that “the plane had landed at Sakhalin. The crew and passengers are safe.” Pg. 4, Incident at Sakhalin. “Let us examine the CIA announcement about which so much as been written: The aircraft did not explode in flight and did not crash, but is known to have landed on Sakhalin. The passengers and crew are safe and the aircraft is undamaged.” Pg. 5, Incident at Sakhalin

“Seoul, South Korea (UPI) – A Korean Air Lines jumbo jet flying from New York to Seoul Wednesday with 269 people aboard, including a U.S. Congressman, was forced to land on Sakhalin, a Soviet-occupied island north of Japan, the government-run television said “The passengers were reported safe. Among them was Rep. Larry McDonald, D-GA., John Birch society chairman, whose spokesman said in Washington that American officials believed the jet was forced down by Soviet or North Korean fighter planes. A report on the Korean Broadcasting System said Thursday the CIA had informed the Seoul government of the landing on the Soviet-occupied island about 850 miles north of Tokyo…

“KAL Vice President Cho Choong-keun said he was told the plane landed safely. Cho flew immediately to Tokyo to join negotiations for the return of the passengers, crew and airplane from the island, which was occupied by the Soviet Union after WWII. He said he would attempt to reach Sakhalin by way of Sapporo.”

By the next morning, Ronald Reagan, with the cooperation of co-conspirator, Secretary of State, George Schultz, issued a statement to the American people that was a bald faced lie: “President Reagan, demanding a “full and immediate explanation,” Thursday assailed the Soviet attack on a Korean airliner that killed 269 people as a “horrifying act of violence” and dispatched sophisticated AWACS surveillance aircraft to search for the wreckage.” Rocky Mountain News, September 2, 1983. George Schultz is Rudy Julie-Annie’s head capo for his foreign policy team. George Schultz belongs to the Council on Foreign Relations, a treasonous organization running America’s foreign policy.

How do I know Reagan lied? Because for one thing, the South Korean government received confirmation directly from the CIA that the plane had landed. Former U.S. Senator Jesse Helms continued the cover up, but he knew the truth:

“One memo that was unearthed reads: Sen. Jesse Helms to Boris Yeltsin – Dec. 10, 1991: “The KAL 007 tragedy was one of the most tense incidents of the entire Cold War … Please provide a detailed list of the camps containing live passengers and crew, together with a map showing their location.” See my column here.

Why would there be a cover up of such a horrific act of naked aggression and kidnapping by the Ruskies? Because the agenda is…………………..


via Devvy Kidd — Anniversary of on-going Cover up Approaches, Part 1.

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