Rush Limbaugh raves about must-see new film

Radio host Rush Limbaugh raved on his show today about a new film opening this weekend, not only calling it a clear parallel to the fight for religious freedom under the Obama administration, but also pondering, “When’s the last movie you saw, a mainstream Hollywood movie, that was pro-Catholic or pro-Christianity?”

English: Rush Limbaugh at CPAC in February 2009.

English: Rush Limbaugh at CPAC in February 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The movie, “For Greater Glory,” tells the true story of 1926 Mexico, when Marxist and atheist Mexican President Plutarco Elias Calles passed a series of dictates crushing religious liberty, prompting Los Cristeros, the Men of Christ, and the Feminine Brigades of St. Joan of Arc rose up to defend the Catholic Church.

Facing execution under Calles’ rule, all the Cristeros had to do to escape death was to deny Christ. Instead, their rallying cry was “Viva Cristo Rey!” – “Long live Christ the King!”

Limbaugh told his listeners the film’s epic story couldn’t be more suited to the times – not only 1926, but 2012.

“It’s eerie,” Limbaugh said. “The people that produced the movie and made it could not possibly have known at the time that they started this project that when their movie came out there would be a parallel to the Obama administration’s war on the Catholic Church in America in 2012.”

“Now, don’t anybody misunderstand here. What happened in Mexico is not what’s happening here in terms of the violence,” Limbaugh clarified. “But the effort to run roughshod over religious freedom as a part of Obamacare is a close parallel.”

Limbaugh was referring to mandates by Obama and his administration that organizations must provide contraceptive and abortion insurance coverage for their employees, even if it violates the employer’s religious beliefs. A number of Catholic organizations have launched legal challenges to Obama’s orders.

“These devout Catholics are fighting a leader of the country who has issued a mandate,” Limbaugh said of the film. “The first thing in the movie is he issues a mandate to take from them their religious freedom and to destroy the church. It’s his ticket to total control over the country, is to take away Catholic religious freedom.”

Limbaugh continued, “There are parallels to the attack on the Catholic Church today, to this movie. It’s pronounced.”

But Limbaugh also praised the film for more than its political content.

“It’s about the honor and character, the devotion to beliefs of people who are committed to their God,” Limbaugh said of the film. “It’s as moving as it could be, and it’s so unexpected. When’s the last movie you saw, a mainstream Hollywood movie, that was pro-Catholic or pro-Christianity?”

Speaking of the movie’s lead actor, Andy Garcia, Limbaugh said, “It’s such a departure for a major Hollywood star to take on a role that promotes Christianity, that does not impugn it, laugh at it, make fun of it. It promotes it.”


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