Is Obama Deliberately Revealing National Security Secrets?


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I think the answer is Yes, for a couple of reasons. The most obvious is his re-election effort affected by Corvette Syndrome–taking credit for and bragging about national security events or accomplishments may give people the impression that he’s tough and cares about the country.

Just like men who feel the need to drive around in cars that are meant to signal something they feel deficient in. In other words, legitimate accomplishment doesn’t need to brag or advertise.

The other reason so many people are unwilling to touch is the fact that Obama, throughout his term, has done things to harm this country. So why stop now? It may be subconscious, but you can’t have this much destruction at every level to have it be simple bad luck. Even a broken clock is right twice a day–in order to be this much of a mess Obama has to be working at it. I contend Obama is deliberately doing as much damage as possible to punish us for rejecting him and to make President Romney’s job even more difficult. Not only will Romney have to face an economic disaster, but now he’ll be contending with the aftermath of a president who is revealing national security secrets to the entire world as we arguably plunge toward war on various fronts.

After a slew of leaks about national security efforts, we have another one. Someone from Obama’s administration reveals Stuxnet was created by us and the Israelis:

Stuxnet Worm Crafted by U.S., Israel to Thwart Iran’s Nuclear Program

Even CNN has noticed the disturbing trend at Obama’s White House:

Loose lips and the Obama national security ship

The level of detail spilling out through media reports about crucial national security operations is raising the question of whether President Barack Obama’s administration can keep a secret – or in some cases even wants to.

In just the past week, two tell-all articles about Obama’s leadership as commander-in-chief have been published, dripping with insider details about his sleeves-rolled-up involvement in choosing terrorist targets for drone strikes and revelations about his amped-up cyber war on Iran.

Each article notes the reporters spoke to “current and former” American officials and presidential advisers, as well as sources from other countries.

“This is unbelievable … absolutely stunning,” a former senior intelligence official said about the level of detail contained in the cyberattack story.

The official noted that the article cited participants in sensitive White House meetings who then told the reporter about top secret discussions. The article “talks about President Obama giving direction for a cyberweapons attack during a time of peace against a United Nations member state.”

I believe Obama knows it’s over, through internal polls and simple obviousness of his incompetence. I’m sure he blames the American people–he believed we’d sit back and take our punishment. That’s another serious problem he has–his projection of his own loathing of himself as an American onto all of us. He truly thinks we’re awful and expects us to accept denigration. His own election perhaps reinforced his contempt for the American people. With his dislike of the White House itself, his elitist, condescending attitude toward Americans, his preferred “campaign” strategy of trying to pit us at each others throats (racial tensions, gender tensions, class war, gays versus straights), and deliberately destruction economic jihad, he has gotten away with a lot. Now he’s shocked we’ve had enough. Well, Newsflash for Obama: we have.

When George W. Bush became president, his team found that the Clinton regime had vandalized the White House. In at least one example of Frat House pettiness, Clinton’s team removed all the “W”s from the computer keyboards. Ha ha ha. One of the things that Clinton should have removed was left behind–the Oval Office carpeting. President Bush’s team had to do that themselves.

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