First They Came for the Bloggers…

…..Let’s hope so, but I wouldn’t hold your ‘collective’ breath here. I warned about this previously – first they will come for the bloggers using copyright infringement as a weapon, then taxation and fees.

English: American government propaganda

English: American government propaganda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The American government will do anything they can to shut us up and those that believe this does not affect them better wake up and soon.

This is coming at us like a freight train and may very well silence all of us – except those who are for the government and are on Soros’ payroll. Media Matters should be safe…

Back up your blogs and have alternate forums set up folks. We are being driven underground and a lot faster than I even thought we would be. Have your own server and forge bonds with other bloggers. You can use the wp-db-backup plugin as well…..


via First They Came for the Bloggers….

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