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…..So he went back and reviewed his own book and outlined it to get ready for some of these interviews, and he had forgotten how bad it was even though he wrote it! Here’s how he described that. Hannity said, “I almost call the book ‘encyclopedic’ because it’s chapter and verse on Obama’s presidency. I found there was so much I forgot about Obama. Do you think people forget?’

DAVID LIMBAUGH: No question. We’ve almost become numb to it because there’s such an overwhelming amount of evidence of the things that he’s done. This is almost humorous. When I finished writing the book I had probably 12,000 articles and 57 folders. I’m not exaggerating. It was overwhelming. I wrote the book in 5-1/2 months; went through the editing process. Then I started reading it and preparing for these interviews, and I was overwhelmed reading it again! There is so much that he’s done.

RUSH: He was overwhelmed. He wrote the book and he couldn’t believe all that was in it. He couldn’t believe how much stuff there was. It’s impossible to remember it all. I probably come as close to anybody doing that as anybody else out there.


RUSH: You know, my brother is my brother, and you would expect me to be upbeat and positive about the book, but I’m gonna tell you something: What he said is true. He gives, in this book… Again, the title of the book is The Great Destroyer: Barack Obama’s War on the Republic. But if you just search “The Great Destroyer” on Amazon or Barnes & Noble or wherever, it’ll turn up. He gives 150 reasons why Obama needs to go — which is amazing, because off the top of my head, I can only come up with 140.

And that’s the beauty of the book.

Do you ever run into people like the ones I saw on that Hannity show last night, the Frank Luntz focus group? I’ll bet you do. I know how frustrating it is. I run into ’em now and then, too. But I bet you run into ’em constantly. It’s like talking to brick walls. But if you want to have at your fingertips, from start to present, everything that Obama has done, said, or proposed that we oppose — that frightens us, that lets everybody who doesn’t know what’s going on know where this country’s headed — this book has it in one place.

Hannity called it “encyclopedic.” That’s good. It’s a compendium as well. It’s footnoted out the wazoo. All the sources are there for this thing. It really is like a handbook, except it’s full-fledged hardcover size. It’s like a handbook of everything that you would need at your disposal. It’s like even after you read it, there’s so much you’re going to forget all of it. You’ll have to have the book nearby for reference purposes. That’s how chocked-full it is.


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