JB Williams — Obama in a Word, Unsustainable

Back in October of 2006, I wrote and released a piece titled “So You Still Think Democrats are American?” – in which I described many of the blatantly anti-American views and belief systems of today’s Democrats. I grossly underestimated the breadth and depth of anti-Americanism in today’s Democratic Socialist Party, aka the DNC.

However, Obama brought it all into stark focus in just three short years and for that, I am forever grateful!

In searching for one word to describe Obama and the progressive (read: regressive) policies of Democratic Socialism circa 2006-2012, one word stood out above all others…. Unsustainable – not sustainable; not to be supported, maintained, upheld, or corroborated.

Like Marxism, communism by democratic process, Obama’s administration is entirely unsustainable. The utopian promise of something for nothing is collapsing before our very eyes.

The death spiral of the European Union and the Euro itself is a close up view of wealth redistribution in decline.

Indoctrinated college kids have no reason to know any better. But everyone else should have seen the writing on the wall. As nation after nation collapses under Marxist efforts to confiscate and redistribute privately earned wealth in Iceland, Greece, Spain and much of the EU, Americans should have known better than to swap their freedom for a utopian promise of free-stuff.

Since they didn’t know any better, the price of their ignorance and apathy will be heavy.

Just a few highlights in Obama Accomplishments


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