We’re all Wisconsiners today..

Last election cycle, voters in both Wisconsin and Ohio elected conservative governors committed to breaking the death-grip that unions held over state finances.

In the case of Wisconsin, the backlash took the form of a recall vote, which “backlashed” badly against the backlashers. Us Tea Party types got to spend last evening pleasantly musing as to exactly how the liberal media was going to spin this one.

However… lest we forget, in Ohio, John Kasich did about the same thing, putting his political fortunes on the line to break the Ohio union machine. The only difference was that he did not exempt the Ohio safety forces.

Our backlash consisted of an issue on the ballot to reverse his work. It passed. Many of us wondered how pointless it was to elect a reformer, and then to roll back his reforms.

What lessons can be learned? Perhaps Walker noted where the most effective opposition came from in Ohio, and then tailored his moves, benefiting from the results of Kasich’s experience……


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