Where Is Investigative Journalism When We Need It?

Ronald Reagan said in 1964 that “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.” Barack Hussein Obama is a perfect example. His upbringing was far from normal. He was a “red diaper baby” abandoned by his father at birth, then abandoned by his mother to her parents at age ten. His early schooling was at an Islamic madrassa in Indonesia with his mother and step father.

As he grew up, he had a succession of communist mentors who schooled him on leftist ideals and class warfare. Much of what we know is found in his two fictionalized auto-biographies, with few facts actually confirmed by investigative journalists.

He bragged about his lack of study habits and slacker adolescence, but neglects to tell how he was accepted into an exclusive college prep school, a premier private college, and finally an Ivy League university. No one has bothered to check what role his record played vs. affirmative action preferences vs. foreign scholarships vs. deep pocket political benefactors. The President has closed all records of this period from any inspection. Strangely enough the mainstream media has no curiosity about these formative years of Barack Obama’s life, such as birth records, school records, college transcripts, publications, and associations.

Barack Obama’s work history is more of a myth than a historical record. After college he moves to a completely new city and enters community organizing, ala Saul Alinsky. He was very adept at finding groups, helping them realize unhappiness, then motivating them for some community action. He quickly gravitated to politics where the action required was their votes. He captivated audiences with his words and intentions, but was never held accountable for any results since he changed office frequently before the results were realized. He was known to change his positions based on the audience and avoided controversial positions by voting “present.” He also mastered the use of hyperbole, exaggerations and false strawmen as rhetorical tools. One thing he did learn while in office was patronage, cronyism, and Chicago dirty politics. Many lessons learned were carried forward into national office. The national media failed to vet his life story and his qualifications to be President while digging up dirt on any and all Republican candidates. Meanwhile this same press accepted whatever story the Obama people provided as fact and used his autobiographies as primary sources………..


via Where Is Investigative Journalism When We Need It?.

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