George Washington, Circular Letter to the States

George Washington

George Washington (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

When word that peace with Great Britain was assured, General Washington issued a blistering condemnation of Congress. In addition to demands for soldier’s back pay, he called for reforms to the Articles of Confederation. His admonitions would culminate in 1788 with ratification of the Constitution.

George Washington:

When we consider the magnitude of the prize we contended for, the doubtful nature of the contest, and the favorable manner in which it has terminated, we shall find the greatest possible reason for gratitude and rejoicing; this is a theme that will afford infinite delight to every benevolent and liberal mind, whether the event in contemplation, be considered as the source of present enjoyment or the parent of future happiness; and we shall have equal occasion to felicitate ourselves on the lot which Providence has assigned us, whether we view it in a natural, a political or moral point of light.

The Citizens of America, placed in the most enviable…..

via George Washington, Circular Letter to the States.

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