Mormonism is different, but is it too Christian?

While some Christians insist that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is not Christian enough, one Christian professor says “Mormonism is obsessed with Christ.”…Stephen H. Webb, says that “what gives Christianity its identity is its commitment to the divinity of Jesus Christ.

And on that ground Mormons are more Christian than many mainstream Christians who do not take seriously the astounding claim that Jesus is the Son of God.” “Mormonism is obsessed with Christ,” Webb continues, “and everything that it teaches is meant to awaken, encourage and expand faith in him. … Webb…says that he came to this conclusion after reading the Book of Mormon. “I was utterly surprised,”… Webb points out the ways in which “the Mormon Jesus is different from the Jesus of traditional Christianity,…”Still,” he writes, “not all heresies are equally perilous. … If you had to choose between a Jesus whose body is eternal and a Jesus whose divinity is trivial (as in many modern theological portraits), I hope it would be an easy choice.” … both Davis and Stetzer urged their listeners to “drop the ‘cult’ language,” referring to some in the Christian community who have publicly labeled Mormonism as a “cult.” “We don’t want to demonize people of other religions,” …there’s really no need for us to engage in an argument.” Unless, of course, you’re among those deriving some pleasure from it. “Making Mormons look bad helps others feel good,” …”By imagining Mormons as intolerant rubes, or as heretical deviants, Americans from left and right can imagine they are, by contrast, tolerant, rational and truly Christian,” … “But until Americans work through our contradictory impulses regarding faith, diversity and freedom, there is no reason to believe anti-Mormonism will go away anytime soon.”

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via Mormonism is different, but is it too Christian?.

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