Exposed: The Convicted Killer Harassing Conservative Bloggers

Liar, killer, and convicted 1978 “Speedway Bomber” Brett Kimberlin is engaged in a part-time career of using police to harass, intimidate, and even facilitate the death of conservative bloggers across the nation.

In what has come to be called “SWAT-ing,” Kimberlin and a number of suspected associates make bogus calls to 911 in order to report a serious domestic crime–in one instance, masquerading as a husband who admits to the brutal murder of his wife. Police respond with the dispatch of a SWAT team to the address provided in the call only to find, after breaking down the door and training nervous sights on the first male in view, that the whole thing is a hoax.

By choosing prominent conservative bloggers as victims of this life-threatening scheme and other criminal escapades, Kimberlin hopes to intimidate into silence those who have reported to the American public the odious past and current criminal exploits of this George Soros dependent and devotee.

In 1978, Kimberlin engaged in an 8 day bombing spree in Speedway, Indiana–bombings which resulted in widespread panic and the death of one man. It has been suggested that Kimberlin began the Speedway crime wave in order to divert attention from the fact that the grandmother of an underage girl with whom he had started a “relationship” was found murdered in her garage. It seems the disapproving grandmother had attempted to remove the young girl from Kimberlin’s clutches. It is altogether possible that she paid for that insolence with her life.

A short time later……..


via Exposed: The Convicted Killer Harassing Conservative Bloggers.

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