Prison » “I’m Supporting The Party That I Belong To”: Rand Paul Speaks About Romney Endorsement


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While he anticipated the backlash, Rand believes that supporting the party will enable him to get more done, and that many critics have been too quick to forget the good things he has managed to do so far from within the Senate.

“Supporting the nominee has been part of my ability to try to have influence… If Republicans see that you are not going to support the nominee, the doors close.”

The Senator believes that endorsing Romney will help earn his trust and make him more likely to listen to his policies. He agreed that it is better to have Romney as a friend than as an enemy.

English: United States Senate candidate , at a...

English: United States Senate candidate , at a town hall meeting in Louisville, . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“People say that ‘you’re selling your soul’. No, I’m supporting the party that I belong to, in order to try to work within the party to get things I believe in. “

While he admitted that the announcement was co-ordinated with his father, Rand denied that he was under any pressure to get Ron Paul to endorse Romney, adding that the Congressman will make that decision on his own.

“We’ve had many discussions about this, including discussions right before they sent out their email, and their email acknowledged that they didn’t have the delegates for the nomination after California.”


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via Prison » “I’m Supporting The Party That I Belong To”: Rand Paul Speaks About Romney Endorsement.


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