(“You might as well legalize sodomy as recognize the Bolsheviks.”) Winston Churchill’s Choice Words for Obama’s “Gay Pride Month”


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English: Sir Winston Churchill.

English: Sir Winston Churchill. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This month the U.S. federal government has officially endorsed America’s fourth “Gay Pride Month” in the last dozen years. President Bill Clinton originally declared June “Gay Pride Month” in June of 2000, and President Barack Obama has continued that tradition ever since June 2009.[1] These declarations foreshadowed his announcement shortly before Mother’s Day last month which made him the first President in the history of the United States to executively communicate moral and political support for changing the historical, common law, statutory and biblical definition of marriage to sanction the ability of two men or two women to marry.

But the West’s great political heroes of only a few generations past had starkly different expressions toward homosexuality (sodomy).


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Thinking Straight in a Crooked World Only $5.00 In 1919, after Lenin had led the Soviets to slaughter the entire Russian royal family and then set up the Cheka (his own version of the Gestapo) to hunt down all opponents of Marxism, Winston Churchill like many westerners became aghast to hear the news. He told the cabinet that Lenin and Trotsky should be captured and hanged, “as the object upon whom justice will be executed, however long it takes, and to make them feel that their punishment will become an important object of British policy.”[2]

He told the Dundee electors that the Bolsheviks were reducing Russia “to an animal form of barbarism,” maintaining themselves by “bloody and wholesale butcheries and murders carried out to large extent by Chinese executions and armored cars. . . . Civilization is being completely extinguished[.]”

But perhaps Churchill’s most telling words were communicated to Lloyd George. Churchill wrote: “You might as well legalize sodomy as recognize the Bolsheviks.”[3]

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via Winston Churchill’s Choice Words for Obama’s “Gay Pride Month”.


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