EPA Spying on Farmers With Drones

I have a military background of both law enforcement and counter-terrorism, so I understand the need for using all the tools at your disposal to identify and stop terrorists from inflicting harm on Americans.

But allowing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) flying military drones over farms in Nebraska and Iowa, trying to catch farmers violating environmental wacko regulations?

That goes way, WAY beyond what the U.S. Constitution allows. Allen Barton on Front Page from PJTV talks about this below.

Would a government agency, sans a warrant based on probable cause, be allowed to look inside your house to see if you had violated or were violating any laws? Absolutely not. That would be a gross violation of the Fourth Amendment; such government tyranny is one of the reasons enumerated in the Declaration of Independence for our separation from the government of Great Britain.

Such government surveillance would be tyrannical and unconstitutional no matter what political party was in charge of the White House and/or congress, but it is darn sure dangerous when Leftists like Barack Obama and his minions are behind it.

This is an illustration of why the Founders had a dislike for standing armies. As a 10-year military veteran, I understand the need for………..


via EPA Spying on Farmers With Drones.

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