Michigan Massacre Reported by KGB… (“Is it possible that such carnage took place under the noses of American citizens?”)

By Douglas V. Gibbs Thursday, June 14, 2012

TEA Party activists, conservatives, and other groups opposed to the President’s policies have speculated that if the liberal democrats, led by der kommisar Barack Hussein Obama, continue to strip away freedoms in the fashion that they have been, we could wind up with blood in the streets.

According to the Kremlin, blood has already been spilled.

Then again, this is the same propaganda arm of the Russian government that used to show images of Skid Row to Russians, claiming that was a typical scene in the United States.

The Russian Federal Security Service is reporting that last week a violent battle erupted in Michigan between American Rebels, and military personnel loyal to the Obama regime. The report also estimates that at least 380 men, women and children of the 500 who had gathered to rally against America’s “slide towards a totalitarian dictatorship” were killed.

The purpose of the gathering of patriots, according to Russia, was to “form a 50-State alliance of local law enforcement and political officers seeking to turn the tide of their nation’s path towards dictatorship even, should it be necessary, by armed force.”

Apparently, the Russians understand the reasoning behind the 2nd Amendment (arm the citizens to keep the government honest).

The KGB report even includes claims of airstrikes, “the largest being a 2,000 lb laser guided bomb that hit in the middle of those gathered at this meeting killing over three quarters of them instantly.”

Russians were then told in the report that any reporters trying to get the news out were swiftly detained and arrested by Obama forces.

A number of American reports are patchworked into the KGB report to add alleged authenticity.

Is it possible that such carnage took place under the noses of American citizens? Not likely. But the report does give us a sneak peek at how other countries view the Obama presidency, and the resolve of the opposition to him by various conservative groups…..


via Michigan Massacre Reported by KGB.

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