Obama Made His Choices — and in November We’ll Make Ours

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


RUSH: Okay, Obama’s big speech is this hour. He’s in Cleveland. This is the big reset speech. This is the speech where there’s gonna be plenty of blame for Bush, because there’s a Gallup poll out that says 68% of the American people hold Bush more responsible for this than they hold Obama for it. I kid you not.

Fifty-two percent blame Obama. A combined, to one degree or another, blame Bush 68%. That will be a home run for Obama to run with, that and Europe. But I want to give you some things to keep in mind during this blamethrower speech that’s coming up.

As you listen to him complain, as you listen to him blame, as you listen to Obama whine, combined with all the progress we’re making, that it would be even faster if it was not for that dreaded Bush and how horrible he was, keep in mind what Obama’s really doing is telling us he doesn’t have what it takes to fix what Bush did wrong. It’s stunning. You take this out to its most logical conclusion, and what we’re hearing from Obama is, “This Bush guy was so bad, I can’t fix it. I’ve been at it three-and-a-half years, and I can’t fix it, and there’s no reason to reelect me. I’ve shown I don’t know how to fix it.” That’s what he’s saying. He doesn’t know it, but that’s what he’s saying. And that’s what I’m gonna continue to remind people he’s saying.

But you keep in mind, when you hear this speech or when you see highlights of it, whenever you see it, he chose to run for president. He chose to accuse Bush of being unpatriotic for increasing the deficit. He chose to promise that he would cut the deficit in half by now. He chose a nearly $1 trillion shovel-ready stimulus that was nothing more than a slush fund for public employee union members. He chose trillion-dollar budget deficits every year. He chose to jam Obamacare down our throats. He chose to go to war against the fossil fuel industry. The thing to keep in mind, everything that is happening in this country that has gone wrong, he chose to do it, starting with choosing to run for president. You keep that in mind as you hear him blame other people. And even if he doesn’t blame other people, he’s still gonna whine because he’s a baby.

He’s really nothing more than a childish baby who grew up pampered and…..

via Obama Made His Choices — and in November We’ll Make Ours.

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