Richard C. Cook » Blog Archive » The Secret History of Our Time: The Pope and Satan, War and the Anti-Christ, Revelations and the Last Days

The Secret History of Our Time: The Pope and Satan, War and the Anti-Christ, Revelations and the Last Days

Author’s Note: In order to come up with an accurate understanding of today’s world crisis it is necessary to start looking at it from the spiritual dimension. This essay attempts to do so, using sources acquired during many years of study.

By the latter half of the 19th century, say at the time of the great Chicago Columbian Exposition of 1893, many visionaries saw mankind poised to enter a Golden Age of peace, prosperity, innovation, and progress. The reason, of course, was the Industrial Revolution, especially the relatively recent harnessing of electricity and what that could mean in terms of bringing the benefits of science and technology to bear on raising standards of living and improving the health, longevity, and culture of the masses. Most promising was the possibility that all the new ways of harnessing the hidden forces of nature could allow everyone the leisure to enjoy life, not just the privileged few.

We know that it did not work out that way. Along with skyscrapers, the telephone, airplanes, and automobiles came the horrors of the 20th century, with its wars, revolutions, genocides, and pestilences. There also came the exploitation of the earth and its resources, especially petroleum, for the enrichment of wealthy minorities in the most heavily-armed nations and the development of arsenals of weapons eventually capable of wiping all life off the planet.

Today we seem to be in a late stage of these tragedies, with the U.S. military poised to complete the armed conquest of the earth through a continuous series of assaults against the nations of the Middle East followed by even bigger targets.

It is obvious that the ultimate enemies are Russia and possibly China, both nuclear powers growing in economic strength. (See “Former Soviet States: Battleground for Global Domination” by Rick Rozoff, Global Research, November 23, 2009.) What precisely is to be gained by the American policy of world military supremacy no one seems to be able to define very clearly.

The leaders of America seem to think it is good and righteous to be able to say to every other nation of the world: “We will rule over you or destroy you.” But I would like to suggest that there is no difference in an ethical sense between this and the highwayman’s command to “Stand and deliver.”

If an individual person projected such attitudes, he would be treated as a dangerous psychopath, perhaps even criminally deranged. Some might even suggest the person was under the influence of an evil force, especially if he had no real need for other people’s property, being already the richest inhabitant of the neighborhood. Those with a religious bent might say he was possessed.

I would agree with this judgment. I would say further that the only way truly to understand the history of our time would be to postulate a metaphysical approach, where the forces of good and evil come into play.

Let us begin to seek an explanation by referring to a little-known incident that is said to have taken place within the Catholic Church.

During the late 19th century, the Church, led by Pope Leo XIII, the third longest-serving pontiff in history, attempted to bring Roman Catholicism up-to-date with respect to the rapid development of science and technology by humanizing and moderating the excesses of industrial capitalism. Pope Leo also favored peace among nations, along with fairness for all economic classes.

Pope Leo’s famous encyclical, entitled Rerum Novarum (Of New Things), published in 1891, marked the founding of the modern Catholic social justice movement while rejecting extreme collectivist economic doctrines. According to Wikipedia, “It supported the rights of labor to form unions, rejected communism and unrestricted capitalism, while affirming the right to private property.”

But at the time Pope Leo published Rerum Novarum, he had already experienced a vision of things to come of an entirely different and deeply disturbing nature. As described in the Catholic on-line Michael Journal:


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