The President Flouts The Law [His Action Shows “Contempt For Our Laws”]


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The President Flouts The Law By Ed Rogers

Apparently, there are no limits to what the president will do to get himself reelected. There is evidence that he will manipulate the law in favor of pet causes and supporters, as in the case of Solyndra.

His administration might be guilty of breaking the law, as shown by the leaks of classified national security information. And now, President Obama holds himself above the law on immigration.


Today’s executive order, granting work permits and immunity from deportation to young illegal immigrants, is not an example of the president using his authority; it’s a scandal involving the president performing a selfish act in furtherance of currying favor with a special-interest group.


Obama has acknowledged that what he did today would require a new law, or at least changes to the current law. But instead of waiting on either, he has decided to rule by fiat. This is not a show of strength; it’s an act of arrogance of rare severity.

Before you can even get to the question of whether this is good policy or if it invites more illegal immigration, you can see that the president’s actions today ignore some of the Constitution’s fundamental tenets. Yesterday, I spoke about the gall the president displayed in his so-called economic speech, which was full of gratuitous pledges and the selective retelling of history. Today’s actions go beyond gall, showing contempt for our laws.

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