(“…heading into Mitt Romney’s underwear drawer, things nobody is supposed to know.”) June 18, 2012, Monday Chatter | Veterans Today

Something a Bit Out of the Ordinary

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

To give us a minor start for the week, we are …


romino (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

As some are aware, Bain, the company Romney works with or through, is and has been run by Israeli intelligence for many years. If you lived in the UK, you would be reading how they were sent to war, not by Tony Blair as they had thought but by Rupert Murdoch, a quasi-Australian but, in fact, head of the “yellow winged hawk” division of Israel’s ultra-nationalist Likudist regime.

This is the one run a former failed furniture salesman from Philadelphia named Bibi Netanyahu.

For those of you who don’t know, today Israel told all the “black folks” living there, 60,000, to “get yo nigger asses out of Tel Aviv” by nightfall.

Using milder words would be a betrayal. If there is a strong reaction of outrage from American Jews over this, we will print it.

Covering for 9/11 and helping coordinate the illegal wars that have destroyed America but enriched Mitt Romney and the Bush family is the vast radio network known as “Clear Channel.” Most American’s have heard about “mind control.” Clear Channel is focused mind control, aimed at the bored, the infantile, the fearful and the undiscerning. Oddly enough, a very positive statement for America is that Clear Channel is universally despised by radio listeners across the country.

Neilson noticed and has been trashing “CC” continually, a huge corporate war. The fun parts are these, “CC” is Bain, the Romney front for Israeli intelligence agencies, spying, staged terror threats and political coverups. If it smells, it is “CC” and Bain and Neilson has loved reporting the smell.

Let’s talk about Bain, endless Swiss bank accounts, money laundering, every company they ever touched sold off, every job lost, every pension fund looted, all but Clear Channel, home of Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and the yellow bellied brigade of conspiracy nuts. They are also responsible for turning radio into what we have today, a mix of lies and garbage, corporate music, imaginary news, you been livin’ with it, I don’t have to tell you.

“CC” is bankrupt, $50 billion in the hole and sinking fast but kept because the need to lie to millions is worth anything. Well, let’s go a bit further. This is what they don’t want you to know. How are they staying on the air? That’s a good question but the truth is, laundered cash, some American foreign aid to Israel, drug money, this is what allows a foreign country to control most of the radio stations in America the way Murdoch and Newscorp got control of Fox and so many newspapers, publishers, more mind control.

Every hear of Neilson, the ratings guys? Neilson is owned by KKR, one of those Bilderberger companies. Thing is, Neilson is the company that prices radio advertising and they think Clear Channel is a dinosaur that should have been allowed to die long ago.

via June 18, 2012, Monday Chatter | Veterans Today.

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