BREAKING: Holder-Obama guilt in Fast & Furious now confirmed

By Sher Zieve

After refusing on Tuesday to provide Darrell Issa with the promised winnowed-down-by-Boehner-to-1,300 requested emails, Holder asked Obama Wednesday to approve Executive Privilege to end his provision to Congressof any and all additional materials that could harm him and Obama.



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Suffice it to say, Obama immediately signed off on it and issued yet another infamous ObamaFiat. Judge Andrew Napolitano advised that this action by Obama is illegal, as Executive Privilege applies only to Presidential correspondences.

With this action, it is now clear to anyone with working eyes, ears and minds that the Obama Syndicate is in full lock-down and cover-up mode. We already know that this WAS sanctioned by both Holder AND Obama from a 24 March 2009 video (see below) of Deputy Attorney GeneralDavid Ogden.


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Why was this never cited by the Issa committee? Fast & Furious was developed specifically to end the 2nd Amendment and — as did Adolph Hitler in WWII — confiscate Constitutionally allowed gun ownership…


via BREAKING: Holder-Obama guilt in Fast & Furious now confirmed.


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