Rees Lloyd — Obama’s Queering of the Military

Longtime Democrat Party all-purpose progressive political panderer Leon Panetta, now Secretary of Defense in the Barack Hussein Obama hope-and-change regime, has issued, on behalf of Obama, an unprecedented nationally publicized “thank you” to one class of members of the American military — the so-called BLTG mix of persons who by choice or genes (as they argue) have chosen to distinguish themselves from others by sexual conduct deviating from the historical norm, i.e., Bi-Sexual, Lesbian, Transexual,


realobam (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

Gay members of the military. There is even a BLTG Pride Month. [Why BLTG—easier to remember.]

Thus, Obama has changed the military culture not by merely treating homosexuality as a non-issue (“Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell”), but, rather, by approving, endorsing, and now celebrating and divisively giving special status to homosexuals–setting them apart for praise from others in military service, like freaks who need special petting and praise for their unique differentness, and throwing a spotlight on it.

Consider the outrage if a president had singled out for a “special thanks” our “Heterosexual Military Personnel.” Or promoted a “Heterosexual Pride Month.”

And pity the poor bestialitists who have been left out again, even by Obama. What of those who by choice or genes are romantically and sexually attracted to their horses, sheep, doggies, even pigs, according to reports? Will there not be a special “thanks” to them in the military by Panetta, or a “HSDP Pride Month” endorsed by Obama? Alas, are discriminated-against bestialitists in the military or in civilian life to be made pariahs forever by even the ever-so inclusive liberal progressive Obama? What about their “right to choose”?


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While I am at it, what about another category of people deviating the historical sexual norm, the despised and discriminated against necrophiliacs, who by choice or genes find themselves sexually attracted to corpses. While it is true that under Islamic Shar’ia Law a Muslim man has a right to engage in sexual intercourse with the corpse of his dead wife (but, evidencing Muslim delicacy, only for a limited period of days after death), necrophilia remains in non-Muslim America not only a culturally despised sexual deviancy but is even a criminal act, as once was true of homosexual acts, too…………….


via Rees Lloyd — Obama’s Queering of the Military.


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