Recognizing Greatness

Throughout history, great people have come and great people have gone. Like all people, they are born and they die. In the history of mankind, there have been countless people whom others have described as “great”. Greatness is a rather general concept, but the term is typically bestowed upon individuals that have made a positive impact upon the lives of large numbers of people.


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Think about all of the famous people that have been described as “great” over the centuries. Some of these individuals were sports figures. No one can dispute the greatness of persons such as baseball player Babe Ruth, football player Jim Brown, tennis player Martina Navratilova, golfer Arnold Palmer, or football coach Vince Lombardi. Arguably, one of the greatest athletes of all time is Muhammad Ali. Perhaps Ali typifies greatness of athleticism – if for no other reason – due to the fact that he called himself “The Greatest”. The thing about Ali is the fact that he was able to back up his claim to greatness; few were able to defeat him in the ring. He was, undeniably, a superior athlete.


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Most of the individuals revered as being truly “great” were leaders of people. Over the centuries, in the course of human development, great individuals have made their mark. Few people would argue the greatness of early American statesmen such as Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, and William Penn. In modern times, British Prime Ministers Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher have been recognized for their leadership qualities.


One thing that the aforementioned leaders had in common is this: They displayed neither arrogance nor hubris. The characteristic that is common to all people of greatness is that they need not convince others of their greatness. For the truly great, greatness is self-evident………..





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