Pelosi whinnies from the pastures

If so many of today’s incumbent politicians are yesterday, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is the Day Before.

Surely the icing on the cake in 2010 midterm elections was the end to Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker. Though she’s tried ever since to advance the philosophy that being Minority Leader for the 112th Congress is just as good, Pelosi’s clout went out with the tide of 63 lost Dem seats.

Like the proverbial horse put out to pasture, Pelosi has been whinnying from a distance and pawing the fields with hooves no longer what they once were.

Some day in the not-so-distant future, the Obama regime will be recognized as largely the work of the unholy trinity of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid with the sideline help of Obama czars. People will talk for generations about the evil they saw lurking in Obama’s eyes, and about the hard edge to Pelosi’s recognizably embittered voice as ex House Speaker.

Pelosi’s multiple regrets and embitterment are obvious to anyone who can bear listening to this week’s audio from a 30-minute press conference, in which she accused those seeking the truth about Attorney General Eric Holder’s role in the ongoing Fast and Furious gun walk investigation of being on a witch hunt.””””””””


via Pelosi whinnies from the pastures.

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2 Responses to Pelosi whinnies from the pastures

  1. 32eagle says:

    that tired out old scourge to society is a traitor-no horse-horses are useful-she ain’t been obeying the law-she is treasoness-she is more like an evil witch and Borax is like a witch doctor

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