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Arizona’s Supreme Court Victory a Rattlesnake in Disguise | Veterans Today

Arizonabelieves it won a victory in the supreme court. Their police are allowed to stop, without legal cause, well outside the Constitution, anyone they “suspect” may not be their version of legal. We can say Arizona is a special case, a state with islands of sanity but, on the whole, Arizona is dead, worthless, corrupt at every level, governed by cartel stooges and gangsters with a few visible exceptions.


isdees (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

Arizona is a beautiful state and we will miss it as we miss Florida, part of America before Bush destroyed it.

There is one problem with this empty victory, there aren’t so many illegal aliens and lots of very corrupt police, corrupt judges and the illegals we have are powerful, in bed with those who control the law, they are above the law, they are, in fact, the law itself. Arizona was just given, by the supreme court, to Mexico.

The recent Bilderberger meeting, attended by some of my lower class but wealther associates was a Romneyfest. They claim he is their candidate, they will rig the election for Romney and move America into full depopulation, deindustrialization, all poverty, street crime, war and rumors of war, America is slated to die and the Bilderbergers claim Romney can finish off America for good, an effort begun under Reagan and almost completed under Bush 43.


romino (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

Key to taking America down will be Balkanization, making the United States many states and the supreme court just opened that door. Expect to see more police and more guns, police stopping and searching you, pointing their guns at you and your children, your choices will be simple, be rich, be police or be a slave. The Bilderberger’s say it is ready to go, the voting machines will be hacked, the polling places surrounded, the votes miscounted, they say Romney is already in and America will be hit so hard that a nuclear holocaust would be a walk in the park in comparison………….


via Arizona’s Supreme Court Victory a Rattlesnake in Disguise | Veterans Today.


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