Confirmed by NASA – UFO Footage from ISS Real | Veterans Today

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor and WNT


One of my friends, Editor of World News Tomorrow, sent me the following story. He got it from a high level source at NASA and called in a favor, having the material and story validated through high level intelligence and law enforcement channels, official channels.

During the investigation, records of thousands of abductions were discovered, records of verified alien abductions, none of which were debunked. Information on this will be included below.

A month ago, Veterans Today published a classified analysis, including full scientific data, of a UFO video from South Korea. Most videos we receive are CGI, computer phonies. I should say 99%, not most. These are the highest classified documents to have ever been leaked to the public, so far beyond the Pentagon Papers or anything Wikileaks has seen as to make make their efforts a joke. Our published versions are high resolution and we have a private download site available for access to the originals for organizations who submit requests.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Video above is the version released by NASA. Official sources at NASA say there is a “black box” version of this video, much higher resolution that clearly shows technical details of the giant UFO. Edited from the video also are statements made by the two astronauts who saw it all, we are told in vivid language not suitable for publication without parental warmings

Some are created by computer geeks and others by government agencies as part of an extensive “cover and deception” program to discredit real UFO discoveries. Then two weeks ago, we did a story of Phil Schneider, the UFO whistleblower who was murdered to silence him. When his statements were subjected to analysis they are, thus far, the only ones that show no signs of deception.

Almost every other “whistleblower” is either being partially deceptive or some read as full sociopaths, utterly undetectable at all, but showing signs of a mental aberration that makes them not credible. Schneider is the real thing.

We are increasingly going to be covering issues of disclosure. There are reasons for this. First of all, I find our current election in the US also “less than credible.” It isn’t just the “google approved” mainstream media that lies constantly but politicians. I even found myself, at the direction of investigative reporter Jerry Mazza, having to defend Operation Fast and Furious, one of the stupidest things the US has ever enganged in.

The investigation by Rep. Issa, Mazza has proven beyond a doubt, is being staged to keep Issa out of jail and to set up a multi-billion dollar insider-trading scam he has entered into with Goldman Sachs. We have him totally to rights, thus, even the straws we grasp at are poisoned.

The next phony story is the Syria debacle, where we now have solid evidence that Syria, Russia and Israel are working together against, not just the United States, something we can understand, but Iran as well. What Syria doesn’t know is that it is likely to be sacrificed in the process. There is no way for the plot, and we have all of it, will work without continual war threats against Syria or even intervention.

Why else would both Netahyahu offer Assad “immunity from prosecution.” Who the hell is Netanyahu and when did he take over the ICC at the Hague? A better question might be not “who” but when did he take over the ICC? He talks like he runs it, he acts like he runs it, he belongs in prison yet is never indicted, maybe he is right, maybe he does run the International Criminal Court as he claims.

We can also prove he has worked with Assad since 2000.

We have tons of information on 9/11, so much highly credible information that the phony press is working full time selling fairy tales and investigators are starting to have strange illnesses or being murdered outright, as Kevin Barrett points out on Press TV’s website.


There is more hard evidence, not just of UFO sightings but of government complicity in use of alien technology and interaction between governments and………….



isdees (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

via Confirmed by NASA – UFO Footage from ISS Real | Veterans Today.

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