How Obama Might Use the Constitution to Arrest the Tea Party

It is one thing to overturn ObamaCare should we be fortunate enough to A) Have an election (yeah, you heard me), B) Get a GOP President, C) Get a CONSERVATIVE House that will hold Boehner accountable as Speaker to not cave as he did on the budget ceiling debate, and D) get at least 51 votes in the Senate.


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But how do we rectify the insane “precedent” set out by Roberts that the judiciary has the right to reclassify – even create – a “tax” that was never written in the original law? Or that you can now be “taxed” for a behavior instead of an economic activity. A current or future liberal congress would tax you going to church or NOT going to a “diversity” class.

We continue to expose just how disconnected the conservative elite are from the rest of us. Supposed “conservatives,” George Will and Charles Krauthammer, try to explain how this makes political sense – either for the future Court or for the GOP. Krauthammer goes as far to call it “the great constitutional finesses of all time.” Sure, if by giving government the right to tax behavior instead of economic transactions “constitutional” I suppose it is ‘great.’ So would “finessing” the lack of ANY documentation for a member of the Marxist New Party to stay unchallenged as being Constitutionally eligible to be President would be. And don’t get me started on the ability of a “conservative” judge to see the word “tax” where it isn’t even written, debated or passed into law by the representatives of the American people when ….

The Solutions to a Judiciary Out of Control

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